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Lighthouse Community Charter High School Reviews

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Attending Lighthouse Community Charter school has been a unique experience for me. This campus is like no other, it is much smaller than other schools so the teacher to student ratio is smaller, which is something that I enjoyed about the school. Having that tight connection which each of my teachers has helped me over the past 4 years. Being in the classroom felt like I belong in the class and I was constantly pushed to excel in my academics. Not only that, but they constantly checked up on me and other students on how we were doing mentally. Something that I would change about the school is the curriculum that is being taught at school and the number of classes. Going to Lighthouse was great for one on one support, but I felt like there weren't enough rogues classes like AP or other advance classes to help students who wanted a greater challenge. I believed that would improve the great school that it is.
I like how the teachers are very focused on our education and always preparing us for college and beyond. Our college counselor is always providing us the students with many internships and other programs we can join. Some things that should change is the amount of AP classes that are offered because there is only ONE AP class for the whole high school. Also more sports are necessary because we only have 3 sports.
I have been in lighthouse since 7th grade and now I am currently a Senior. It was a roller coaster trying to deal with this school because in the beginning I wasn't a fan of this school. The teachers always push you to do better and challenge yourself, and I wasn't up for the challenge. But as years pass by not only did I start feeling like I am part of the community, I grew more as a learner and a student. I didn't think I was ever going to like this school because it was challenging and I never thought I would go to college. This school really influenced my life positively and I totally recommend students to go to this school.
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Safety is very big in our school, and we take it seriously.
As a school, funding isn't great, which limits extracurricular opportunities and sports.
Parent involvement isn't a huge thing in our school, but it is surely noticeable.
This is a great school in which students grow up becoming leaders and successors in their communities, where they are motivated to help the community,
The teachers at my school are really nice and helpful. They allways have specific office hours in which the students can attend to check in. Despite having their office hours they also take time out of their job to check in with their students and help them academically and personally. However, I do believe that since the school has assigned different directors this year, their has been a big change on the staff. I feel that the staff has chosen several students as their favorites, which is unjust because everyone should be treated equally when it comes to policies at school that affects the students.
Students are require to wear uniform that has the school logo at all times. Students are not allowed to wear red or blue shoes or any thing in school campus in order to prevent conflicts with gang members. Giros may not use open toe shoes in order yo prevent injuries. The fact that girls can't wear open toe shoes is unjust because it is the choice of the individual. Other policies are complex.
The food provided at the cafeteria is brought by a compañía named Revolution Foods. The food provided is brought each morning and its done that same day. In addition, the ingredients are all natural indicating that the food is healthy. Many might say that they días like the food and that is why they go of campus lunch, but to others it is beneficial because it is a way to maintain healthy. Moreover, we are provided with snacks during our class to keep us healthy and not starve from hunger.
In particular many small schools aren't as diverse than other schools in our area. Despite the fact that is not a diverse community and the majority of the population is Latino. The school atempts to always consider other cultures because we all might share similar tradicions eventough our ethnicity might be different.
The extracurricler activities are rare at this school. Our school dosen't have the amount of money to be able to pay extra teachers for the clubs or organization. However, the clubs that are provided many students take advantage of them. Recently this year students have come together and ask for a change and we have seen progress in our schools activities by incorporating other extracurricular activities into our curriculum.
The support system within the school is outstanding. If you need help in any of your cour classes their is always a way to get help. The administrators , teachers, counselors and even the workers at the writing center, math center and science center are always open after school. Their is even academic support for those who needed during elective. Furthermore, the teachers take time and have office hours available for the students. Having this opportunities as a students is beneficial academicly.
I like my school overall. I've made so many friends and memories at my school that I can't regret. It is a small school, and everyone knows each other. We are a very close community and we are always there for each other no matter what. Despite the fact that the school lacks on athletics. I love my school due to all the opportunities that are provided. If I had a choice I would stay since the teachers have always time for the students and the bond within the community is great.
The athletic facilities provided are not as great as other schools in the bay are. Our school dosen't provide al lot of extracurricular activities for athletics. Their is lack of sports but the ones that we have alot of the highschool students attend to them. However, the spirit is pretty average, many students participate though their should be various days to show spirit. But regardless, students do attend the athletic teams games.
The academics offered in Lighthouse Community Charter High School include general calsses. Every student is assigned the classes that they must take to graduate in highschool. Recently this year they have offer online college math courses that will allow students to eventually recieve credits. In addition, their are honors classes that are more challenging then in an average public school. The honors in this school are as if a student was taking honors in college. For example in Humanities Honors, their are several events that we participate such as Harvard Model Congress. Though their is all of this oportunities the school lacks on opportunities to obtain AP classes. They have some but it is not sufficent for many students. The school provides different electives that will help one academicly and for the persons benefits.
We've had overall a very safe enviroment in our school. The school has serious policies of uniform in order to protect ourselves and the safety of our young siblings as well. The school takes seriously, on our safety including if their is problems among students counselors are always their to support the students in any way as possible. In regards of health the school dosen't have a school nurse however, they do have aid if we are sick or their is any type of emergency the school is fast to react. Regardless of everything our school is small an their is no dramatic conflicts that has caused danger since we are a very close community.
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This school has changed me in so many ways because the teachers push me and others to do better than what is expected of us. I have been in this school for 7 school years and they have been great. Each year the teachers have seen me grow into someone who helps out the community and a leader who guides everyone including myself to a better future. Now that I'm a señior in high school, I have to set the example for other students and especially for my siblings who are in elementary and middle school who look at me as their role model.
The food we eat is pretty healthy because it's organic food called Revolution Foods. I eat in the cafeteria and sometimes the food is pretty good but at times it isn't, it depends on what it is that day.
Teachers are involved in student's learning.
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