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Lighthouse Christian School Reviews

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Lighthouse is more for the people that love the smaller schools. I think this was a great three years for me, and I think this will one day help me know that smaller could also be greater.
It is very church focused and they are trying to shape us in to good christian men and women. the sports here are pretty good. They go to state in almost all their sports.
I love this school!!! This was my kids first year here at Lighthouse Christian School and they love it. They both transitioned from their previous school beautifully. I believe it was because of their wonderful teachers and staff. I also love that my kids can profess their faith and continue to grow in Christ along with a great education. Thank you Lighthouse for a excellent year!
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Lighthouse Christian school is more like a family. The teachers genuinely care about and invest in the students in big ways!
If you only care about sports and having an easy time, this school is perfect. Also if you’re worried about grades. Getting good grades is incredibly easy, because learning something was a rare occasion there. So if you want to be prepared for life and college etc, maybe consider a different school or try to study for more at home too.
This has been an exceptional experience for all my kids. Super caring staff. Focused on building strong character through sound biblical principals & encouraging academic excellence.

It started small when my older kids were there but it's continued to grow each year & now has over 300 students so the info listed on this site is outdated.

Great sports programs for all ages. Constantly upgrading their facilities & we're excited about the new gym & class rooms.
I enjoyed my time and grew lifetime relationships there.
We have made tons of improvement over my time here.
They do a good job, but sometimes let students in who aren't the best kids.
Sometimes they have trouble following through.
We lack nurses but the office staff does a good job.
My teachers don't challenge us enough
My school is very accepting of people
The building is clean but its small with small classrooms
My school doesn't challenge us enough I think
My school staff is always there for student when they need something
My school is good in sports but they don't offer that many sports
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My school is a safe environment but its not perfect
My school has been a good experience for me but in some areas I wish I was prepared for college more
My school has a few extracurricular opportunities available to student but not as many as a public school would have.
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