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Lighthouse was a great experience because it was Christ-centered. It helped me grow closer to God and taught me how to revolve my studies around Him.
Lighthouse teaches scholars to be independent academically and is a great environment for your child!
LOVED Lighthouse for all the years I went here. Incredible teachers who cared for me and I made tons of friends.

Really loved all the sports programs, extra-curricular activities, and I felt very prepared for college.

I had friends from every ethnic background. Love the diversity here.
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I am a senior at Lighthouse. I've been here for many years and I absolutely love it. I have tons of friends. I feel welcomed and loved by the teachers and staff. I even started fencing this year which is a really cool sport. I have nearly a 4.0 GPA and feel like I'm being prepared for college and my future. Take a free tour of the school and see for yourself!
Lighthouse Christian School was a great experience for me when I was younger, but as the years went on, it turned into an unpleasant experience. It was great as their was so much diversity in the school as well as teachers that went above and beyond to ensure that I was well taken care of in and outside of school. It was an unpleasant experience as when I continued to advance in grades, I could tell that the attitude from my authorities changed to one of frustration and stress.
I love school here! I make many friends and I really love my teachers. It's a great community here and I look forward to going to school each day. My entire life changed when I decided to come here. thank you LCS and go lions!
The experience here was truly life changing. The kids respect each other and they don't even use locks on their lockers! Theft is almost a non issue here.

Great christian environment, kids have friends for life when they come here. The quality of the education is VERY high, especially when you compare the price to other private christian schools. Seems to be a lot of bang for the buck so to speak.
Since when did these things happen at school?! Never did in my past!

1. I witnessed freshmen hugging and crying with seniors over graduation

2. I witnessed seniors coming back to school the week after their last class just because they want to be here.

3. I saw at least 10 different students volunteering to clean bathrooms and do yard work for free! Just because they want to help.

4. No student actually uses their locker. Theft is basically a non-issue here.

5. When final bell rang I walked out to give high fives and say "congratulations!" And they look at me and nearly start crying because they don't want to leave for the summer.

Lighthouse Christian School is truly a special school. High quality education, God-centered, diversity, and affordability. Best kept secret in Nashville friends. Holler at me and come check it out.
I have one daughter who graduated from L.C.S. in 2015 and she loved her school! Her teachers were available for one on one help as well as prayer needs. My younger daughter still attends Lighthouse along with some classmates she's had since kindergarten! Good friends are very important in life. At Lighthouse Christian School your student will have fun learning and will be better prepared for life.
This school is a rip off, After paying over $8000 for my kids they deny the new school a transcript because we owed $1.75 on the account. How hungry are they for money. Every day my kids come home with some kind of Fundraising or asking for donations. This happens at least 3-4 days a week.
you can find education anywhere whether you go to public, private, or even choose to be homeschooled but one of the main criteria in order to consider a school the best is its way of discipling and helping the students to achieve their goals. i believe that lighthouse christian school does its best of preparing its students for what they are going to face in the outside world. many kids go into things such as drugs and ruin their lives because they don’t have any body to inform them. lighthouse christian school is filled with teacher who see their students as their own family meaning they are always ready to help them no matter what the situation is. Another thing i like about lighthouse is its diversity. People treat each other very well no matter what their ethics or background is.
I love the atmosphere of Lighthouse. The diversity is amazing! You really learn how to be a person of great character and leadership. Lighthouse has many great aspects about it as well as a few areas that could be improved. Overall LCS is a great school and I absolutely love it!!
Overall great experience. I took a dual enrollment class that helped me prepare myself for college. The education system is excellent.
Very diverse. Awesome basketball program. Safe environment. Teachers care about you. Administration cares about you. People want to help you succeed. Leadership is taught. Chapel every week (awesome). College classes available.
We've been Lighthouse parents for 10 years now. We have come to know the teachers and staff as family. They've been through life with us and showed us love and support in every time of need. We're proud to be a part of this community of Christ followers.
I homeschooled up until this past fall of 2017. My four kids loved homeschooling, however they adjusted amazingly well to Lighthouse Christian School and absolutely love going to school there.

My main concern with the education system is that most curriculums do NOT line up with God's word. LCS uses the SAME curriculum I was using for my kids at home. It is critical that we teach our kids TRUTH so they can grow and mature in the word of God. My kids have made fast friends and they are learning in an environment where teachers are encouraging and extremely caring while at the same time teach and enforce respect for others and the importance of responsibility.

LCS is training and equipping the leaders of tomorrow through a Godly world view. Schools across America should apply what LCS is currently doing. If they did, we would see a whole different environment in schools across the country.

I've been speaking at school assemblies for over 15 years. LCS is top notch!
My experience at Lighthouse Christian School was very helpful and knowledge gaining. The school prepared me for school papers and how to handle college life.
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The school was super small and did not have the opportunities that other schools had, such as dual inrollment, internship programs, and broad selection of sports for girls. It was mostly just focused on our spiritual wellness even though if you were caught doing something 'sinful' they would immediately kick you out instead of helping you.. would not recommend the school to family/ friends.
For only going to Lighthouse for only two year now I feel like a lot has changed. Not only in myself but in the school too. The school as a whole has changed from the better and I hope that since I'm and senior that I am making a change on the Lighthouse Christian School she
Overall, LCS is an excellent choice academically. The class size is perfect which allows teachers provide individual attention if a student needs it.
Students learn how to be respectful and walk strongly in the Lord.
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