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The teachers go in depth with any lesson they teach. They make sure every student understands and will help those who truly need assistance and further explanation. The curriculum is well put together. It teaches aspects needed to progress further in education. The workload is light, so long as the student does not procrastinate and gets distracted.
Bullying is dealt with harshly; it is strictly prohbited. it rarely goes unnoticed because, the faculty are always present. Students are not allowed to make physical contact. All teachers are equipped with a First Aid kit, should it ever be necessary, further First Aid can be accessed in the school ofice .
When I first came to the school, i was unsure of what to expect, because I had been bullied for the past several years at previous schools. I was relieved to find out that the students were much nices and more amaible. The teachers truly care about their students; much time and effort is spent on each individual. The food is freshly made everyday in a clean kitchen and served in generous portions. Every morning on every school day (with very ew exceptions) except Friday, fresh homemeade burritos are sold for only one dollar. The students enjoy four-day school weeks and a three-month long summer vacation
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The meals at LCA are homemeade with freshly bought ingredients. The food is prepared in and served from a well-cleaned and organized kitchen. There is a large variety of food such as Mexican, American, Italian, and Japanese. Portions are served with age and size taken into consideration. Students are entitled to a second helping if there are letover ater everyone has already been served. Healthy choices are encouraged among the students.
I feel my school provided all the nessesary preparation to enter and succeed in college.
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