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The school is great on giving guidance for the future. Teachers always try their best to help with college applications, or homework. The parent involvement is great. Parents play a big role in our lives at school. They always are expected to try their best to help their child.
The security at Lighthouse is great. We have all learned to adapt with new students, and love them. We are against leaving people out of our "groups." We all have our disagreements here and there, but for the majority, we are very close knit to each other.
The food at the cafeteria is great. The lunch ladies prepare the lunch from their own homes Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. The other days are just quick and healthy lunches.
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The school is very strict on behavior and dress codes. We are expected to treat each other with love. If any of us bully, cussing, vandalizing, etc, we would automatically be sent to the principal's office and be punished. The dress code is very tight as well. We have uniforms to wear. If we are out of uniform, we would be sent home.
I love this school. Although it is rather small, I have a lot of opportunities here. There is a GREAT orchestra and wonderful music teachers. The music teachers are one of the best at what they do. The grading scale is a bit harder than most schools only because our principal would like the students to be ready for college and/or university. I would choose this school all over again because of its college opportunities, music, and overall experience.
The teachers are incredible!! I love my teachers!! Every teacher is different on the way they teach, communicate, and interact with the students. But although there is a difference in their teaching, they are the best in what they do. Each one of them takes their time to explain the concept, and assure that the concept is being understood. Our teachers also will take time out of their own time to make sure you are doing good in your class. All of our teachers also provide extra credit and tutoring after school for free just to help those students who are not understanding. After a certain amount of time doing hard work, teachers take their students on field trips. The teachers are very consistent on grading the homework, and going over the missed questions and explaining what went wrong. Our teachers are the best in taking their time and making the students understand the concept in the books. They ALWAYS make their best effort to make the material fun.
We do not have any clubs and/or organizations. The school president talked about starting school clubs, but nobody wanted to participate. The only "after school" activity is choir. Every Tuesday, some of us stay after school for thirty to fourty minutes to practice for performances and competitions. Otherwise, our clubs and organizations are very bad.
Our school is not the best in sports. We only have a basketball/volleyball court. The court is very small. The sport team is just starting, and so there are not very many opportunities. We have had the privilege to have some very good players that were transferred to our school. The teams are somewhat of good teams. The school spirit is very high. If you do not support or encourage the fellow teammates, you are considered as a "party pooper." But, if you can't make it to the games every week, it is all right. For the meantime, we are renting nice gyms all the way in Longbeach to accommodate the players. Overall, the sport and fitness program is on its way to get better.
The admission process is very easy. Our school is open to almost anybody in the public. The only down side to this school is that you are required to be member of a Baptist church. Talking to the principal will help on the process of doing so. The financial aid is very useful. You can make payments to the school and if the case is very severe, the principal can figure out something for you. For financial aid, I recommend that you tell the truth on how much you really need it. Also, I recommend that you visit our school, and if you really like it, you can ask about tuition.
This school is pretty safe. It is in Lemon Grove and does occasionally have strangers come throughout, but very rarely. It is on a church property and therefore there are staff members around. There is not regular security but all the outside gates are locked during school hours and students are supervised by their teachers when they are on recess or PE.
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