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Lighthouse Christian Academy is a pretty good school. Academically, it has more STEM classes than the big Bloomington North Highschool. I am enjoying the smaller community. Being one of the smartest there, I would like to see more class variety and harder classes, including more dual-credit and AP courses.
It is a very excellent school. The administration and teachers are very caring. The facilities need improvement.
Lighthouse offers a close-knit community, where students can get to know each other and their teachers very well. Class sizes are small, offering individualized attention. Lighthouse offers a variety of classes; aside from academics, there is photography, student media, art, band, and orchestra. The sports program is intimate and intense. Sports games are full of team and crowd excitement and loyalty.
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It’s a small school since it’s a christian school, but the education there is great.
Everybody knows everyone there so it’s also very easy to make friends.
I like the smaller school atmosphere. It is very easy to get on a sports team, some years they are good and some they are bad. The real negative is their ideologies they force down your throat in the form of certain required classes and biased discipline.
I would like to give at least a million dollars to all of my teachers - they don't get paid enough for what they do. There are many cases in which the teachers take time out of their day, out of their free time, to help a student which is struggling in any way - be it spiritually, emotionally, or in academics. They are there for us when we need them most.

Though the facilities often impede experiencing learning moments which the teachers hope to give us, the best is made out of every situation, from the improvised labs for Chemistry and Biology, to even sports practice, where running around the ~200 meter parking lot is considered to be an eventful obstacle course on wet days.

For Incoming Students:
*At LCA, if you do the best you can at whatever is in front of you at the moment, you will most likely achieve your goals.
*Obey your teachers. As God promises, it will go well with you.
*Be proactive, not reactive. Do your work when you know you will have time to do it.
Overall, I liked Lighthouse because it provided a decent education while giving me a safe environment where students and teaching get along relatively well. A Lighthouse education got me into the college of my dreams and trained me to work hard and were willing to negotiate with me to create a schedule of classes that apply to my major.
The reason why I like Lighthouse Christian academy is because the tight knit family school, and how amazing the staff is. fellow students are very encouraging, kind, and willing to help others grow. The teacher sacrifice lot of their time to ensure we receive a good education. it is also a great school because all of the grades are in one building and its cool to see them grow while also learning from them.
My experience has completely exceeded my expectations. The staff is so caring and it’s like one big family!
I have one child at LCA but in my job I work with hundreds of schools across the state. The academic rigor at LCA is the best I have seen. Additionally, their teachers and staff are very kind and caring. They create an environment that promotes academic learning and good behavior.
We have 3 students enrolled at LCA. I love the teachers and staff; they are so kind and caring to me and my children. My children receive a high quality education while in a loving environment.
LCA is a great option for private Christian education. It's small class sizes and friendly teachers create a unique opportunity to build friendships with peers and teachers. The teacher's availability and care for the students allows for a challenge academically, spiritually and in character. The students are usually friendly and easy to talk to. The downside is that the class options are not those of a big public school, but they still offer AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics, AP Spanish, AP Music Theory, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, AP Literature, AP Composition as well as honors classes that prepare you to take the exam at the end of the year such as their Honors US History and Honors World History. The school is known to be academically challenging, so unless you are ready to be challenged at whatever level of academia your at, this is not the school for you.
I liked about LCA of the ambience. It was a very Christian affiliated High school, and the teachers were great. I specifically liked how the surrounding environment of the school was very nature focused, and safe.
I loved the academic challenge the teachers set. It would be nice to have more teachers available so each persons schedule would work out as they wish.
Lighthouse is challenging and engaging, but lacks in the opportunities to excel. There are a very limited number of AP classes, which means that students cannot achieve the GPAs or AP credits that they would if they were at a different school with more AP opportunities. There is quite a lack of diversity, with almost all of the school being white conservatives. Honors classes are mixed with the normal classes, so even if you are an honors student, you will still be taught at the level of a non-honors class, just with more homework assigned.
Excellent number of opportunities for students to be involved (even if for the first time) in athletics, academic competitions on a regional and state level, and music competitions on a regional and state level. High level of parent involvement adds to a sense of ownership and community.
Lighthouse has great teachers, but administration needs to work harder to be more focused and prepared.
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It's a high quality school with supportive teachers who really care about their students and are willing to offer academic and personal support.
Since it's a small school, most classrooms contain a large range of ability, so it can be either too challenging or rather stale, depending on the student. However, there are numerous ways to get involved with many extracurricular of all sorts withough having to be narrowed to one area, something I found extremely beneficial. It widened my mind and exposed me to different fields.
The small class size promoted unity and allowed me and other students to develop our leadership skills.
I would recommend it to anyone looking for a supportive, moderately rigorous environment with stellar Christian discipleship and an active student body.
Teachers and staff really care about my children and suppiet them to do their best. I appreciate that a Christian worldview is integrated throughout their day.
The teachers care deeply for their students and make every effort to do what's best for them in terms of learning, emotional development and spiritual growth.
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