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Lift for Life Academy High School Reviews

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I'm a former student and a proud alumni. I would consider Lift For Life Academy as a non conventional institution. Every bit of the teaching and activities are catered toward the specific needs of the students. This school is where both excellence is cultivated and an opportunity for a second chance is given. My life is forever changed because of the awesome staff and caring (but tough) leadership. Although, I love Lift for Life because it provides a sense of family & togetherness. I think they could do better in areas of college prepping and improve their grading system. It is very inconsistent and I could never get a straight answer on what the metrics are for grades from any of the instructors. It seems subjective and based on each teachers opinion of progress or performance, not just the numbers. Also, the after school activities are inconsistent. I attempted to partake in multiple things but often times sports and activities were cut short or had poor practice scheduling.
Transferring from one charter school to another was difficult. The schools were very different. At Lift for Life Academy, I felt welcomed. I was given all the help and extra help needed to prepare me for college. The teachers are well educated and expect the best out of their students. While I attended this awesome high school, I developed into a more mature person.
I love everything about Lift For Life Academy High School. The school was very family oriented and made all students feel welcomed everytime they stepped foot inside the school. The school has awesome teachers, staff, and faculty who care about each student and their success.
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I’ve been attending Lift For Life Academy since I was in the 6th grade and I honestly, couldn’t ask for a better school. It’s a small school so everyone knows everyone. Lift For Life is more than a school to me, it’s also family. I am apart of the graduating class of 2018 and graduating was such a bitter sweet moment because it’s actually time to leave the school. At Lift For Life, we learned, we grew bonds with each other, and made wonderful (some bad) memories, I really will miss Lift For Life.
I like that every Holiday chef makes us a buffet. I would like to see ne food added to the menu. Lift for life is a great school and more parents should bring their child to the school. Everybody knows everybody its like a little family. Lift for life is a great place if you want you student's teachers to jave a great relationship.
I absolutely love Lift For Life Academy. I wouldn't pick any other school to attend. It's a nice little school that has a good student to teacher ratio. The teachers and the culture of the school is what makes it amazing I hope every child seeks to attend.
I started Lift for Life Academy when I was in the 6th grade. I didn't know what to expect when I first walked in. I had only ever been to one other school and none of them were going to the same school as me. I was kind of nervous but soon got used to it. All the teachers were so nice and I looked around the room to see other students who looked just as nervous as it looked and felt. I felt a sense of family while I was there. Lift for Life Academy made me feel comfortable and a lot more confident than I did before I came here. I really feel at home when I come to school it's like we are all a big huge family.
Extra curriculums at this school is very impressive. You have things like " fashion " and cooking classes and office Workers and Drivers Education.
My experience at Lift for life academy has been a very good journey. I have learned so much and met so many people and also made new friends and experienced more and more. This school is very impressive we do lots of things like have teen library counsel meetings and go to the court house for our future lawyers. What's make this school unique is that the administration is always working with you. They never give up on you, they are like the brother and sister you never had.
The teachers At my school are very intelligent and very intuitive. They are very impressive and always working with the students they never give up they always push you to do better and always be on your best behavior.
This school is great because it's a very small school everyone cares for each other. The school is united as one it's just one big family. The teachers does whatever to not let you fail do push you to past. If you fail you failed by choice. The school is probably one of the best high school you could go too.
The teachers care what happens to the students inside and outside of school. It's a place for safety and education.
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