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Lifeline Education Charter School Reviews

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I like how this Highschool is very easy and how the teachers are very nice. Also, Iv'e been here since 9th grade and i am now a junior becoming a senior. Iv'e learned a lot in this school.
It’s a okay school I guess. It’s a small school so after being there for a few months, you get to know all those in your grade level.
The teachers attempt their best to educate and inform students, and for that I respect them and show them hospitality. However, the students, mostly freshmen and sophomores, are rampant and dis-respectful. Moreover, they view school as a joke and some sham, which creates a hostile and gloomy atmosphere.
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From my experience, The school is pretty good. While it may not be the best, Lifeline is determined to help you with your education and making sure you understand what is being taught.
Since there is a smaller population of students, the teachers really focus on helping the students in class.Great Teachers.I think there should be more sports, activities like clubs should also be more diverse.
This school is a really good school. It has been around for a while now. This school has given many the chance to see who they really are and a chance to find yourself all while not loosing focus on your study and applying yourself to give your best performance. It gives you many options to motivate yourself to participate in good programs and helps you with your work if you are ever stuck on anything. It has amazing teachers and staff. That are willing to listen to anything you ever have to say which is not the best part alone. The teachers and staff at Lifeline Education Charter School can all together make the environment better. If there were something that i would like to see improve is the amount of space we have the building we are located at, at times it can get really crowded. I love the idea of having everyone socialize but not the idea of getting everyone in one space and not being able to breathe. There is not a lot of things that the school can improve its at its best.
I like that the teachers take the time to talk to you about your grades and give you options. The school give us every Friday to express ourselves through our clothes and gives us spirit week which is the best.
My experience at Lifeline has been pretty good the staff here at lifeline are very helpful. I really like how the teachers here teach they make it easier to understand the subect. One thing for sure i woud like to see improve would be to have more clubs to join.
This school has great teachers that will give you their time to make sure that you know the subject. The teachers try their best and for the most part try and make sure that you are college ready.
I am enjoying my time at Lifeline. There was a lot of student involvement. I would like to see a difference in science teachers.
The teachers are nice and some aren’t but overall they’re all friendly with the students. The campus is small so it’s easy to find the classes and everyone knows each other very well.
Lifeline Education Charter School is a good highschool, it's very small but I enjoy the interactions between the teachers and the students. You're not known by number but by name.
One of the best schools I’ve attended. They have the best teachers that actually care about the students well being. The school prepares students for college in the right and proper manner.
yes, the school might be small but since the facilities are small the teachers have more time to help every student in and after class.
It was good and bad experience. The best part was how you met people and how you guys grew. The friendships you build with them and your peers.,
Lifeline Education Charter School is a good school. It can be very boring at times because it is a very small school and there is not a lot of activities we can do on campus. Other than that it is a good school and all the teachers are respectful and really helpful, but it may not seem that way if you constantly get in trouble.
Lifeline is a good school, they help you one on one. All the teachers help you, they make sure that you get the help you need.
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I have learned many things in this school. I learned the importance of teamwork. I feel very safe in here. The school is not that big so it helps teachers be more focus on us. There is clubs were students can join and meet new people as well as work together. The food comes close so there's no need for hair to be in it. There is prep rallies to bring school spirt. There is honor dinners were students are acknowledge for their hard work.
My experience thus far in lifeline has been productive and secure as it prepares me for college and my future to come.
Small school great teachers just needs more sports I feel like the school doesn’t need anything else but to expand the campus because right now it’s really small I’d love to see that for future generations
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