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I think Lifegate Christian school is a great school. It may not have the greatest facilities or the sometimes there will be an awful teacher. I believe that it provides a great Christian education at an affordable price. There a several sports available to play throughout the year and many of them make it to the state championship. Football has won state three years in a row. I have enjoyed my time here.
life gate christian school, has been a blessing to attend. all year i have been greeted with teachers and staff members eager to teach and encourage in The Lord. If i had to change one thing it would be the dress code because it is somewhat hard to follow.
Lifegate is a nice, family-oriented school. The teachers all care about you and want to see you succeed. Some of the rules of the school are not the best, but other than that, it is a pretty good school. Very small and you get to know everybody and your classmates seem more like family.
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It was a great private school that taught me all around things such as: how to balance your time with sports, academics and spirituality. This school helped me excel in most subjects other than Math, but helped prepare me for college and life. Homework was the daily thing and lots of it, too. One on one attention was most of the time achieved, but classes were 8-14 students total. There were lots of ways to excel and learn, different classes to take, self-paced, regular classes, and I'm sure online too. It was a great school and I'm glad I went there because if not, I probably would have failed in college.
It is a great school for academic development and spiritual growth. The teachers are always willing to help you if you are struggling and want to see you succeed.
Lifegate Christian School is a wonderful school. The teachers and staff are godly Christians who have the students best interest at heart.
I like the people in my class and some of the teachers. I do not like most of the classes and I think that there are not enough academic opportunities provided at this school.
It is easy to find your place at this school. The classes are all small which is something I personally enjoyed. Most of the teachers try to do all they can to help the students. However I feel as though there are not many opportunities for interesting classes at this school, such as classes over what you may major in in college.
I would absolutely love, just completely fawn, if it wasn't like a dictatorship and we weren't judged completely for sharing opinions and originality
My smaller son got bullied and the teacher and pricnipal knew about it and did nothing, because the biggest bully was the teachers daughter. Plus the Teacher told everybody that she didn’t like my son, which is fine, as long as you are fair and professional about it. My other son did a big mistake and has been singled out to the point of complete isolation by the staff. He is glad to leave the school when the year is over. The school used to be great but is has been going down hill in the past few years. If you don’t like to be two faced, don’t go send your children there. Academically it is okay but going down slowly as well. And the ppl are not actually acting Christian but are a bunch of hypocrites.
God should always come first and the fact that Lifegate puts God first is wonderful. I also like that it is not in the public school domain and they main focus is on a well rounded education not on taking a test.
easy to learn, personal one on one education. small classes, friendly students and staff. Like one big family.
As a former student I liked the how small the school was, it gave average athletic students a better chance at sports. While they prepared us for college very well, they failed to show on transcripts that our classes were AP equivalent if not more difficult.
I enjoyed my time at Lifegate as a student. I liked the small classroom environment and the ability to get one-on-one help from the teaching staff.
There is little bullying and everyone feels safe. We have a camera monitor system in place for safety measures. There is not a police on duty at the school everyday like most public schools. There is no school nurse. The closet thing to a nurse is one of the office workers who can take your temperature and give you medicine. Several students have had seizures at the school and each time the situation was dealt with calmly and effectively, proving the safety of the students.
The teachers and the curriculum are great. It is a great school to prepare you for college. The work load is considerably more than public school, but it is manageable. There are less course options than public school.
The school building are not in the best condition but they are still very good. The technology is lacking but getting better. There is not a counselor except for one that comes towards the end of the year to help seniors. There are a few college prep resources, but not too many. Tutoring is readily available after and before school from the teachers, even if you don't let them know you are coming (It is still advised to let them know in advance in case they won't be there). Lifegate does not have any buses.each parent is responsible for getting their child to school.
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What they have is pretty good, but since it is a small school with a small teaching staff, there is no one who takes on the job of putting together clubs. This results in most "clubs" being sports teams and only a few real cubs.
It was great until recently. The school is going downhill I believe. Not everyone works together and supports each other. There are conflicting things taught occasionally.
Most of it is home cooked and the food tastes great. It is only bad if you simply don't care for the food they are serving.
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