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LCS is an excellent school to grow up in Kindergarten through 8th grade, the school puts students’ faith and academics as a priority. The teachers are amazing and truly care about the students. The academics set students up for success in high school and beyond.
The academics are ranked higher than national and regional average, and are rigorous. The students also take a Bible class, and the teachers take it seriously. Teachers don't allow some of the nonsense socially you see in other schools; leaving kids out, cursing, etc. Obviously, with a privately funded and smaller school, there are some things that are going to be unavailable; you just have to gauge that with the incredible care that the teachers give to the kids. Each student is really seen and worked with. Students aren't their diagnoses or aren't their behavior, they are real people with real strengths and weaknesses, and at Lifegate, they are nurtured as such. Extra curriculars include Robotics, LEGO League, basketball, volleyball, track, a middle school musical (that uses the church's professional lighting and sound team, and always looks and sounds fantastic), Jazz band, and others that maybe I'm not a participant in and of which I am unaware.
loads of bullying and lack of opportunities outside of sports and a poorly funded yearly musical. Lots of favoritism from the teachers. Only worthwhile if you're a wealthy, white, republican family that's not divorced and donates lots of money to the school on a monthly basis.
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The extracurricular opportunities were fairly biased, the teachers selected their favorite students--whether they were deserving or not.
Being a private school full of well-off families, there were instances of bullying. Other than this it was fine.
I don't believe we had to apply to be accepted.
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