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Life Training Academy is a Bible centered school that focuses on character development. As of 2017 it has an enrollment of about 100 on campus students. On campus classes include pre-school through 8th grade. Homeschool and online options are available.
The school does offer musical instruction. This is provided on a volunteer basis by a private individual who also does private music lessons. The school also offers an after-school program for working parents.
This school places great emphasis on dealing with issues before they escalate into safety issues. Vandalism and fighting are not tolerated. First aid kits are located throughout the school. The school does not have an official nurse, but one of the teachers is a former nurse.
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I loved the way the teachers laugh with the kids. When the teacher or a student makes a silly mistake the teachers are careful not to let people laugh at anyone. However, they do encourage students to laugh with others at our mistakes. It is a subtle distinction that makes a difference between hurting someone emotionally and building camaraderie.
The teachers at Life Training Academy love children. Many of them work as volunteers or with minimal pay. As a whole they tend to be personally involved and focus on meeting the needs of each child. Life Training Academy is a school that sometimes seems a little informal, yet holds students to high moral standards and encourages them to strive for excellence. Students are not only taught, they are loved!
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