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Life High School is the academy in which I'm attending, and I adore so many things about it. Opposed to other schools, Life High School offers to humanity the opportunity to grow around humans who have a different mind set and way of life. In this School you don't just learn the fundamentals, instead ways to apply your knowledge in real world situations. The greatest thing I love about this school is the fact that the teachers force you to work with people who don't satisfy you; these doing allows us as students to be able to be familiarized with the concept, therefore when reality comes we're prepared. Now I would reform the specific class a teacher may be accountable of; I say this is because as a Freshman I had a teacher who was in her yearly twenty's teaching a class packed with youth of all grades. As you guessed this class wasn't well structured, ending in a result of multiple people failing. In closure the school is growing, but I would most definitely recommend it to anyone.
The staff is incredibly rude and I went there one year. My mom still complains about it til this day of the terrible staff. If you aren’t good at sports your just not important to them. The arts funding is terrible. Save your time and energy for another school with more opportunities for arts and education. The Special Ed program is horrid, unless the student is severely disabled they will not get the attention needed for success. Most graduates of the school go to smaller lesser known colleges and others struggle. The teachers have drama and no abilities to teach what they are given. Some teachers are passionate but many of them are over worked for the little pay they get. I’m in college and have done incredible research on this school and it seems like all business for them. The students are the only thing keeping it running with the little money some of them have .
Life School Waxahachie is a charter based school. The school offers dual credit classes at Navarro College in Waxahachie. They also offer AP classes. Something I would like to see change at Life high school as a senior they barely talked about any scholarships or how to find them and they did not offer them either.
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Life High School is a very productive school with its great environment and 100% graduation rate this school is excellent academically and also socially. Students get the opportunity to show any of their talents and skills they might have. The elective classes are very entertaining but also educational. I have attended Life School since kindergarten and have grown into a student of character and integrity. Life School's focus may be academics, but character also plays a very important part in students being able to grow in to young adults,
My experience at Life High School Waxahachie was amazing. I played volleyball and my senior year I was team captian. I will never forget all of the support I had at every game and returning the same support at all of the other sporting events. The feeling of safety and family that the school had compares to no other school I have ever been to. I will miss the school dearly but I had 3 great years there. The friends and teachers I met will be apart of me for the rest of my life.
My experience at Life School was an alright experience. Most of the teachers and staff care and want to see you succeeded in life. The school can work on better connecting with the students and listening to our ideas to make our experience better. But I have grown as a person at this school and have learned many life lessons here. The school teaches you a lot of different skills like time-management skills, leadership skills, creativity skills and many more. I think this school has prepared me as much as they can for college, and I am ready to take the next step in my life, which is going to college.
It's got good teachers that are really good at their jobs. Its a good community of students and everyone is really supportive of you
Throughout my time at Life High School Waxahachie I really enjoyed the community aspect that the school offered to the students. With the school growing in numbers at a rapid rate, the school staff really focused on creating relationships with the students that attended. Many of my teachers were willing to do whatever it took for the students to get to college and be successful in life. I really liked how teachers were willing to write recommendation letters and did anything that they could so that they were serving the student body well. I would recommend this school to anyone that wants their kids to have a school that is very invested into the education of their students. Life School also offered the students many resources to be successful. The teachers that I had really prepared me with life lessons for college, because many of the things that I learned at Life School have shaped me into a better student now that I am a junior in college.
The learning environment is amazing. They have multiple teachers that teach other subjects, so there should be no excuse on why a student should be struggling. The school offers resources for kids like me that might not have at home. The students here are quite funny and always makes class exciting. The sports are very well organized and sure lives up to the high school experience.
At Life School Waxahachie it is a very welcoming environment that has high standards. The high standards are in both academics and behavior. This standard helps me and other students to achieve our fullest potential, while still being able to experiment within reason of the administration. There are certain problems with keeping good teachers due to pay. Students can suffer from this if they aren't good to adapting and overcoming as easily as most. Over all the environment that the school provides is one that is pushes students to strive for overall excellence.
The school is pretty good. The staff is pretty good. Very clean. The academics are good. The arts such as choir and art are somewhat lacking.
Classrooms are spacious and class ratio is small which makes learning more efficient, teachers are very nice and very helpful. The environment is christian and pleasant. It has its own theater and a big stadium for games, it is a good school and its also fun! I love my High School.
I would recommend this school most if people has a learning disability because they are very helpful and understanding, they really help a lot and make sure students are comfortable and they are learning at a normal pace.
This school could use some improvements, better cafeteria food, rules, and the way they handle situations.
This is a nice school. Out of the ten or so teachers I've met all of them are good people and I enjoy talking with most of them. Their teaching style can leave a fair amount to be desired. I don't feel challenged by most of my classes (I was home schooled through 8th, 9th, and 10th grade.) In English class for example most of our time is spent writing pretty basic journal entries. However I am enrolled in the basic classes. My biggest complaint about the school would be the students themselves. Many of the students have no desire for excellence and are very disrespectful to the teachers. Student drug use is unfortunately high and a frequent subject of conversations, while I haven't experienced or seen drugs at school I do know of a student who unknowingly accepted drugged candies. Overall I would say my experience has been positive while the education is ordinary.
My name is Madison Stewart, I've attended Life School since kindergarten and I have really loved my experience here. I've made so many friends throughout my years here, the teachers and administration are great, always kind and always cared about my future.
It is a diverse school that is not too big but not too small. I like the fact that we can develop relationships with our teachers and coaches. I have been in Life School system all of elementary, jr high and high school. It is a good system to grow in and prepare for the next level.
It was a very good school overall, just wish they were a little more strict on deadlines for seniors in reference to college
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I started going to Life Waxahachie my Freshman year. I’ve really enjoyed the people I’ve met here. I didn’t know a single person once I got here and now it’s my Senior year and I’m pretty sure I’m cool with everybody. The teachers put a lot of effort to make sure you learn but at the same time they want to help you succeed when you get out of school.
Life High School Waxahachie is a smaller school. Everyone is close knit and friendly. I've made some forever friends at this school. As a senior I find that Life School has done its job with setting me up for my future college life. I have amazing councealers that guide me through the stresses of being a senior. Though we lack in sports and school spirit we make up for it with our great academics. The teachers really challenge us to be our best. We have public press conference debates, labs and updated technology. Life School also has a great theater program. Our theater kids have made it to nationals winning second place their one act play. I guess you can say I am proud to be a mustang!
What I like about Life Waxahachie is that the people there are always willing to talk & listen. Most schools really don’t do that and i appreciate that Life Waxahachie does. A lot of kids go through stress and usually don’t have anyone to talk to but at life school there’s always somebody you can talk too.