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Life School - Red Oak Elementary Reviews

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I had been at the school all my life and all the changes over the years were for the better. They prioritized education and safety.
My child attended this school for a year and the experience was terrible. There was a severe lack of leadership, weak academics, selective discipline, and a pervasive culture of favoritism among teachers. The best thing I ever did was pull my child out of this school.
In my opinion, Life School Red Oak is the best public school in the city of Red Oak. Its run much better than any of the ROISD campuses and has greater parental participation.
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There is a wide range of diversity with Life School Red Oak. The entire school is made up of three buildings. one for k-6, 7-8, and 9-12.
At the time I went there, the students were terrible to each other. Cliques were very common, and the teachers seemed to not care to do anything about it. I'm glad I left by the time high school rolled around.
I loved that the teachers were very personal. I love that the school is focused on character building and becoming someone that can make a difference. the only thing that I would change is that I also love theater arts, and I wish there was more support and funding for the fine arts classes.
Here you get a private school education for free! I love Life School and everything about it and would not change anything about it.
Life School is full of teachers who want to see you succeed, but they make you work for. For me what stands out is our schools AVID program. AVID is a great class that prepares us students for college and it’s also how I discovered this website. I believe that AVID will help my search for a great college match easy.
The overall atmosphere is welcoming and family oriented. I like that the classes are small and the teachers really care about the students. There is no question that is too large or small. The only change for me would be for the school to offer more options for foreign languages.
I love LIFE SCHOOL! Life School has such a nice and calming environment, the students and staff are very welcoming to everyone.
Though I had an overall good experience with Life School, one thing I would like to see changed is the way that the staff treats the students. There were plenty of incidents where I did not feel as if the concern and care was put into my peers personal needs from the board.
The school is really good and the sports are really good but they don't offer some classes that I would like to do. But the teachers are great and very awesome.
It's a great environment for kids. There is a lot of great teachers and staff members. Everyone treats each other like family and the adults around here really push the students to succeed.
Teachers Some are fantastic they teach classes in a way you can understand even in difficult subjects while preparing you for life and genuinely caring about their students. Others are incredibly smart but cannot really explain the materials very well their brain and the white board don't really connect. Others just aren't good ,They either don't care to explain their subject, can't explain their subject because they don't know it, or treat the students awful.It's very easy to see who the good teachers are at Life School. The good teachers are great people as well as great teachers while the bad teachers make the students dread going to school even if they don't have that class.

College readiness I don't think they do the best job at this. I don't really know how to explain it but i'm a senior and i'm kind of freaking out.

Facilities When we are two years into a new school and the parking is too small, and there are not enough rooms for all the teachers that's a problem.
It is a good school, I love the students and teachers. The administration is a mess and the counselors are not helpful, BUT no school can be perfect.
I started going to life school in the second grade. Through out the years they have molded me into a leader. I graduated in 2016 and love coming back to talk to my teachers and coaches. Life school is a very friendly environment, helping kids grow, and be themselves. Life school is not just any school, "Its LIFE!" "It's a great day to be a Mustang!" - Rick Penson
At Life School, the staff seems to really care about your future. They give you a lot of opportunities to be successful.
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Life School Red Oak is definitely a great school for your children's future. The campus is great, including an enormous amount of land, well-rounded sports, and activities. The school is run under the administration that cares for their students. Life school has a high graduation rate and are well-rounded with opportunities to help your child achieve success.
I really like that Life Schools has students and some teachers who actually care about your learning and not just money. Many people in the education business only care if you're in a seat. I would change the principal or the head education facilitator who makes the rules because many of them are incredibly silly. I feel like I am treated like a criminal with some teachers and the principals so i would like to see an attitude change from them toward me.
I came to Life School Red Oak my freshman year and lived it! There is always someone's there to be your friend and treat you like an equal! We are all just one big family; we care about each other and would do anything for each other. Something's I would like to see change is; to have two or more gyms for multiple sports in seasons, have an stadium for football and soccer, have stands ready for the baseball and softball field and more classrooms so our teachers don't have to share classrooms. Overall Life School is a lovely school with its own kind of style and quality.