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My experience at Life School has been very good in many different ways. Their ability to make someone feel like family is very special and I feel like that is very important for a school to have.
This schools teachers are average people who take favorite students and ignore others I will be taking my child out now.
When I was first enrolled in 6th grade, I didn’t want to be there. I was very shy and quiet and didn’t have many friends. As I got older and moved to the secondary campus, it was a whole new ball game. All of the administrators were more interactive and encouraged me to come out my shell. I had a chance to take classes that helped me become who I am today. I became more open to the school and were able to make long lasting friendships.
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this use to be a great school when Gospel Lighthouse was in charge, once it became Life School, it got TERRIBLE. kids are not pushed to learn, the turn around in the 6th grade last year for math teachers, was the biggest turn around 4 math teachers for one year they came in and OUT. my son learned nothing. no clubs for kids to join maybe like 2 if they qualify. think twice before putting your kids here. no sports! only good class that had a teacher that cares was Art class.
My experience at life school over the past years has been great! The atmosphere is amazing and isn’t just a place it has created a special place in my heart. Although there are some improvements that need to be made this school is like home.
I have attended Life School for 12 years. The staff have taught me to strive for me dreams. I would highly recommend going to Life School.
I like how the teachers help the students one on one and how they are care about the students succeeding.
I believe my school taught me how to grow as a person. They showed me that no matter what happens never give up. Through the bad times I always had support as well as the good. Life School tries to help students better themselves as one so when it’s time for the real world you can be ready. Life school teaches leadership, Responsibility at an early age. I been with life school since second grade and they have always tried to enforce discipline.
Students are required to maintain strict uniform, while teachers do not. The security of the students is not the best. Recently, a student was almost kidnapped. The school lunches are not tasteful. However microwaves are provided for those who want to warm up there food. The school is majority Hispanic, Latino, and African American.
Through all my years at Life School it hasn't been all bad nor all good. It's not really like public and we run through our own district. I like the way we move and settle things in different situations. The only thing that the school lacks on is the students safety. There's been a lot of situations where the school just brushes it off or focuses on it for a bit then acts like everything is okay. It's not all bad but I recommend it if you're more focused on your child's education
I've been going to life school since I was in 4th grade and so far it's been a good school. The people Their are kind and our school is like a big family. I'm in the 11th grade and our school has been to state for 3 years in a row. One thing I wish my school would change is Our funding. The money life school oak cliff receives is sent to other life school districts and I think its unfair for our school to win alot of sports and other things and get nothing from it.
Learning at Life High School Oak Cliff is a different experience. You have teachers who are always excited to start a new topic. They'll always make it interesting to learn so we can have fun learning it.
The school is good academic wise, but the school spirit is poor. Since it’s a small school we don’t have that much clubs or special activities in this school so we don’t have that much advantages as a big popular high school.
My experience at Life Oak Cliff was excellent. I was involved in many activities at Life. A varsity cheerleader all 4 years, also played softball and basketball at least a season. I was involved in the sports medicine and nursing programs. I was also able to take dual credit courses and graduate from Life School with my Associates Degree. The Administration and Teachers at Life prepared me for the next step in my educational journey.
During my time at Life School Oak Cliff, I had a very good experience. The school has many opportunities for students to get a head start college wise with its dual credit classes, they can get certified for many things, and so much more. The teachers and coaches are very kind, supportive, and compassionate to the students. The students are very kind as well, loyal, and dependable. Overall the school is like a huge loving and supportive family. I enjoyed my three years there very much, and would definitely recommend for potentially students.
Going Here for 6 years the food wasn’t that great, there’s majority two races and our campus was small. We would have to walk in the rain sleet and snow just to get to class and we stayed having teachers leave.
Some things that I would like to see changed is the amount for starters we should get one big building so we won’t have to walk in the rain. And we should get a bigger variety of classes for certain kids who may need other options in life besides college.
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I felt like I had a family, I didn't feel like I was out of place but I also felt unique. The teachers were all kind to me and I was able to make many friends and relationships my time there. Go Lions!
I have been going to Life School Oak Cliff for 10 years and I have had a fairly good experience since I started. For the most part I have enjoyed the kids around me and made lots of friends and lifelong bonds. On the otherhand, in terms of teachers, there have been a few over my career that have not helped me very much and gave students frequent issues. If I could improve one thing about life school it would be the lack of career classes. For example, there are no; culinary, cosmetology, or psychology related classes.
I like the athletic program at Life school and some of the staff that was there. One thing I would like to see changed , if not changed already is a stable principle not a new one every other year.