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Life School - Cedar Hill Elementary Reviews

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Again, the performance speaks to the level of education children receive here.
There would need to be facilities in order to rate them.
It would be unfiar to group all teachers together, as some are certainly good, but the school's performance is indicative of an overall lack of quality teachers.
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Per my previous comments, they both lack integrity, and competence.
Aside from the lack of any activities, a poorly constructed, and cheap facility, which is new, their is no accountability for staff or leadership proportionate to a lack of competence or ethics. I have filed a complain with the Family Policy Compliance Office of the Dept of Ed. because I was intentinally lied to per FERPA's declaration that parents are entitled to all student records. After 4 attempts, contacting the PEIM's coordinator for the district, and providing evidence of the violation, I finally received the records, but they had been altered (I original copies of some), some are missing or destroyed, and the Principal turned a blind eye. With the many recordings, emails, and various versions of the documents, I believe I have a very strong case to cause action by the DOE. This is aggregious, but only one of many things that should cause discerning parents to avoid this school like the plague....if you love your kids, that is.
There is a rectangular room with a tall ceiling that serves as the 'Gym,' and is about a third the size of a basketball court. That's all they have.
There are barely any, and the school district prohibits students communicating their parents contact information, which along with the lack of extracurriculars, prevents students from engaging with each other almost entirely. Isn't school where we develop much of our social skills, and subsequently friendships that carry over outside of the school? It's the most ridiculous thing, and certainly not well conceived.
It's easy to provide a safe environment with the kids--it's Jr. High and High School where the safety threats materialize.
The vast majority of the population is African American.