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Life Prep is one of the most affordable private schools around. We love the opportunities our students have here.
This school is great you can learn a lot here and there is a lot of activities such as clubs where you child gets to pick a fun or interesting club for them.and there are lots of different aspects of this school the kids are great and there is a great learning environment. Lots of different classes.And the teachers are exceptionally nice and you will bond with a lot of people here and teachers.
I met many people from all around the world. I think anyone can make good friends here. Also, the teachers are very willing to help students.
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Our family selected LPA because we were seeking a richer, fuller education experience. We've been extremely pleased with the academics, as well as extracurricular activities; sports, clubs, etc, that our kids have been able to participate in. We are confident our son and daughter will be well equipped for adulthood, thanks to the teachers/staff at school. Without hesitation I recommend Life Prep Academy! Quality education is one of the greatest gifts we can give our children!
Life prep academy is a Great school, It has a lot of diversity and makes you feel very welcomed. The teachers are also great and kind. Life prep also prepares you for college and life after high school. I highly recommend going to life prep academy.👍
Life Prep is such an amazing organization. Not only academically but the staff really love and care about every single child and seeing them succeed in their education, their spiritual relationship with god, and thrive as they become young adults.
It’s a good school. 3 years that I been study here I had learn a lot . Especially, I meet a lot of people from the other country. This school it’s seem like not interesting for the first time but later gonna give you a great future.
Life Prep Academy education is good and my family has been blessed to be apart of this school For many years. I am the 3rd child to graduate from life Prep Academy & I feel I’m ready to step in to my next learning experience. I feel I have grown spiritually & mentally stronger being a student at Life Prep & my views on life are to be the best person you can be & always do the best you can do
Life prep academy, its an excellent choice if you want a different experience in high school. The reason I say that is, 90% of the students are international students so you get the chance to get to know their culture Plus make friends from all over the world.
Life PrepAratory Academy can be a great place to study! As with most things in life, you get more when you put more of yourself into it. I have seen so many students come here, apply themselves and go on to thrive in colleges and careers. They return to say they attribute their success to the foundation that was established here at Life Prep. Our students also praise the opportunity they have to experience the unique diversity we have at the school. Where else can a teenager come in contact with students from over 20 different countries?!
Additionally, teachers truly care about the students and try their best to prepare each person for whatever he or she chooses to do after leaving here.
The administration and staff are continually looking for ways to improve the culture and the educational quality of the school.
This is an excellent educational opportunity for students seeking a quality education!
Wonderful school. During COVID-19 all the teachers sent home packets of work weeks earlier than public schools. My children were able to do video calls and email questions daily.

Good people making a real effort to teach children.
What I absolutely love about Life Prep is that there are many countries from all around the world and getting to be friends with a lot of people was an amazing memory. The teachers and staffs are so nice and so helpful and I love my experience at Life Prep.
Life Prep is a very diverse environment with many opportunities for students to excel. Friendly environment and small enough that students won’t feel left out. Faculty and staff are very caring and nurturing.
It is a great small private Christian school. It's small enough to know everybody but big enough to have the opportunities you can choose your interests.
Life Preparatory Academy was a life changing place for my life. I attended Life Preparatory Academy in Wichita, for 4 years of my schooling career. The teachers at Life Prep are truly the best you will find. They helped me by furthering my knowledge about school and also about life. I felt truly belonged at Life Prep and I wouldn't be where I am today without it.
Life prep is a great school with great staff that try and make kids life successful and ready for college
I feel like Life Prep prepares students for life. Is an amazing Christ-centered school that allows students to grow and strengthen their individual talents. There are so many activities for students to be involved in that many students are a part of multiple areas of the school at the same time. It's small enough to feel like family, where individual families needs are met.
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It is the most diverse school in Wichita. it has a small private Christian atmosphere that feels like family. The teachers really care about each individual child my children have attended since kindergarten and I couldn't be happier.
It is an okay school. It is very diverse. It has a lot of sports and clubs to choose from. It is also very small and you make great relationships with people from all over the world.
Life Prep offers a diverse experience few schools can compete with. The number of international students that attend each year provides college-like exposure to students from a multitude of countries and cultures. This all happens in a school that also provides smaller class sizes for efficient student/teacher correspondence when a student has a question.
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