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I have 3 children at this school. It has provided a safe environment where my kids can be exactly who God created them to be. Excellent staff! So proud to be a Lion!!
At Life Christian School, I found a vibrant and thriving community; a safe space where I felt free to be myself and share my opinions with others. The faculty is very welcoming and encouraging; the diverse student body is also very accommodating to new and transferred students. Overall, I would say that I absolutely love the unique atmosphere of this school!
I think too much needs to change. Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere. Teachers are negative, no clear direction. I have had too many negative experiences here vs positive.
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LCS only cares about their science department. It did not matter if you were good at other subjects, if you were not good at science, then you might as well not even try. They had okay sports and activities, but then all the good teachers left to start a new school so I would go to that school instead.
I feel prepared to go to college. This school prepares its kids for college with its rigorous courses. Likewise, the school could add more clubs and electives that the students could choose from. Also, could strengthen its current clubs (SC, yearbook). Although there are some downfalls for it being a small school, there are also many benefits. The small class sizes allow kids to have more attention and help from the teachers. In addition, it allows the students to focus better and be more eager to ask questions. Overall, this school is a great environment for you children to grow in their faith and knowledge. This school, although not perfect, has many amazing staff members encouraging the students to do there best in school, so they are able to thrive after high school.
The admin is nice and care.
Some of the teachers are amazing. Some are smart but not that great of teachers.
They workd hard to be prepared but there is not always teacher supervision.
They have a lot of science and sports. They need more drama and speech.
School is in a beautiful building with lots of bright clean spaces that are inviting to a learning environment.
It is a great place to be able to flourish and participate in many activities. The teachers care about their students.
It is a small school, but it is sufficient in the area of resources. Some resources are better developed than others, like the computer lab. But there really isn't a whole lot in the way of college guidance- there's usually one teacher who teaches a class on careers and college junior year and then acts as the guidance counselor for that class until they graduate.
Since I've graduated, I've heard of several staff changes, which makes a difference because it's a small school. But when I was there, nearly every teacher was very invested in the students and sincerely wanted to see them succeed. Of course, there are always those teachers you just can't get along with or who seem stricter than necessary, but there has only been one truly bad teacher since I attended there, and the administration listened to the complaints of the student body and replaced him within a semester.
Again, it's a small school, so the selection for different sports is limited. But sports were a lot of fun and a lot of people got involved- if you didn't play, you probably came to watch. Last year, the men's soccer team won the state championship for our division, so that's certainly a plus.
Because LCS is so small, there is a limited range of options for extracurricular activities. That said, those we did have were of great quality and most students enjoyed getting active in at least one thing, from sports to fine arts to yearbook.
I absolutely would go to school at LCS again. Being such a small school made nearly everybody friends. Of course, there are drawbacks to having such a tight community, but I loved it and made lasting relationships there while getting what I feel was a top-notch education that led me to a full-ride academic scholarship.
Again, things have changed a bit since I graduated, but we were just starting to introduce several AP courses and other new programs as I left. Before that, while academics were always pushed as a highlight of the school, the only downside was a very limited range of classes offered because it was such a small school.
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Being a small private school based in a church building, we've had very little trouble security threats. Really, the worst that happened during my five years at LCS were two or three very short fights in the bathroom. I heard that everybody got a little paranoid after the Newtown shootings last year, but I'd already graduated and didn't directly see the effects.
The private school education I received at LCS was excellent and contributed to my high ACT and SAT scores and my status as a National Merit Finalist. The latter then helped me receive a full ride scholarship and admission to the Honors College at Liberty University. When I transferred to Grand Canyon University, my academics still gave me a full tuition scholarship.
The food is nutritious and the variety of options is sufficient for a school that small. The lunch staff is friendly and well-known by students. However, lunches became increasingly overpriced during my attendance; this was understandable because LCS is a small private school, but it was still difficult to afford my senior year and I cut back to only two school lunches a week, bringing my own food the other three days.
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