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I loved the experiences that I got to have with my teachers. they pushed us to be the best students we could be but also cared about us tremendously. I would like to see more student involvement overall. The students never seemed involved outside of the classroom like at games or pep rallies.
A positive environment where students speak life and are committed to their education. We had small classroom sizes, which meant I received a lot of personal time from my teachers.
The teachers truly care about your education. The band teacher, Mr. Lawyer, is amazing. Mrs. Rogers, an English teacher, prays over us everyday and believes in us. There isn't much bullying either with the students.
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We moved our children here from another private school several years ago and have been very happy. The new headmaster is focused on educational rigor, balancing that with such things as athletics. Students are held to high standards; some may be frustrated that it isn't "laid back" as it might have been in past. I know my children are challenged, and LCA's Knowledge Bowl team is top ranked in the city and state--smart, motivated kids!
I have loved the care my students have received from the teachers. My children are learning to Love God and Love others while being challenged by a rigorous curriculum. I am incredibly grateful for the partnership I feel my family has with LCA.
We love the small class sizes. The school community feels like a family and my kids feel loved and appreciated by the staff.
Teachers and staff are welcoming and invested in this community! They feel like an extended family. Academics are rigorous and curriculum is centered around what really matters-our Faith.
Life Christian Academy is a great institution to send your kids to. They will be loved, honored, and appreciated at their new school!
I have two LCA students, one in MS one in elementary. They LOVE their school. They LOVE their teachers. Chapel is their favorite day of the week.
I LOVE that my children are learning to love and grow closer to Jesus while getting a quality education.
Life Christian is the best choice I could ever make. They truly love my children and work with them so diligently, even when they are hard to love. They are patient, welcoming, engaging, and quality. I am so impressed by how much my children are learning in such a short amount of time. This place feels like home and I am so blessed that they worked with me financially to continue to send my children here. Best choice I have made :)
I am well accepted as a person at Life Christian. When I started at the school, my class was welcoming and included my in things quickly. I moved from Annie Wright and find this to be a much more caring school. There isn't an elitist attitude. The sporting opportunities are good for a small school and the teachers are a lot better than I had at AWS.
The standard of academics has really lifted in recent years. The teachers are being invested in by having the best teacher trainers work with them.

While no school is perfect, this one is pretty close.
I have 3 kids who graduated from here....I Loved the small class size and personal attention my kids received. They were surrounded by faculty and staff who had the same values I when my kids had a problem, I knew they were getting the same kind of input that I would give them.
My kids were involved in basketball , Choir, Volleyball, ASB, National Honor Society, AP classes and more!
Attending LCA has brought me so many opportunities. I have great relationships with my teachers and they care so much about each student.
I moved to LCA when my parents relocated to Tacoma. I am challenged and stretched by my teachers on a daily basis. I feel that I am being provided with a 'balanced' preparation for College. I want to go to Stanford and know that I am being well prepared. My teachers encourage and support me while loving me. My Faith is strengthened with a fabulous retreats and inspirational chapels. I love the athletic program and being a part of something fun but difficult. My only regret is that I wont graduate as a 'lifer'.
This is the most loving and caring community in the Pacific North-West. The teachers are invested in the students and strive to stretch them academically.
Great learning environment, especially for people who like individual help. Small class sizes and great teachers. Teachers care about individual development academically and spiritually. Great sports programs including national winning cheer team.
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Life Christian School is a very small private school that offers students the opportunity to interact as a family rather than a normal student body. I love having the opportunity to spend time with my peers and learn about Jesus. I would improve some of the facilities on campus due to some maintenance errors.
I enjoyed my time here. The administration in general isn't very good and needs somebody like Bob Absten. I appreciate the teachers at the school but they do need to hire more teachers like Mr. Madlena and Mr. Cherubs. The spiritual life is emphasized here and cannot go unnoticed. The bond between the each student in every class is uncanny and I am amazed by the friendliness of the students here. The classes do need to be a lot more rigorous and NEED more AP classes. There are only 2-3 AP classes last time I checked and the faculty here doesn't care much about how well prepared each student is for the SAT/ACT. They need to put in a SAT/ACT prep class in zero hour or after school. To address academic development, the LIFE program is the best program in the state and there is nothing else like it. Ms. Haskins and Mrs. Lerew are the best at their jobs and provide the best help you can get for your child.
The whole security here is great (and a necessity since it's on hilltop) but a little overprotective. I find the school is taking care of bullying and everything that accompanies that very well.