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My experience at Life Christian Academy has been good. As the years go by it gets very repetitive. I’ve been going there for 6 years. The school culture is very basic. The academics are good expect on subject we won’t talk about. I wish there were more clubs, school functions, and course selection. But from this school it’s hard because it pretty small. Overall a good school.
Friendly environment with great teachers. It is a small community so they take care of the students and it is a Christian environment. It is safe and good for children. I reccomend it if your kids dont like big schools and a pressure environment.
My 2 daughter's have attended LCA for 4 years. It feels like a family and the teachers and staff genuinely care about the students. I'm so glad I found them!
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Well we do not have any of the arts at my school, we do have sports though.
The past few years have been the years that you can pretty much do whatever you want. But the school has been getting more strict on uniform policy and bullying and other issues.
I would go back to this school because I have made friends that are so dear to me. The school is small but my class is like a family. Some of my classmates have been there since elementary school with me and now we are going to graduate. So yes, I have amazing memories at my school, great teachers, and just an fantastic experience over all.
I have been at LCA for 12 years now. We just got a new principal and I'm very excited for the road ahead. We currently do not have AP/Honors classes which would be a plus if we had it. We have 3 incredible teachers who are great at their subject as well as other subjects. Our Math teacher can also teach English and Bible. Our Science teacher can also teach Math, Algebra, and is also a soccer coach and volleyball coach. My English Teacher can teach any subject you give her. We have amazing teachers that care for their students and help us learn. We do need an updated computer lab and more electives but I'm not complaining because this is my last year. Otherwise the staff is very friendly and they can answer any question you have.
There are only three good teachers there that actually care. They are the reason why I gave such a high rating for teachers. Other than that, I would not be at this school if it was not for the amazing Science teacher. Every one pretty much gets along with each other so there are rarely any fights. But overall i'm happy that this is my final year and I can now move on to get a real education
We do not have a guidance counselor nor a school nurse. We just now upgraded to marker boards but the school does not have any projectors. The teachers must buy their own. Our computer lab is terribly outdated, I believe we only have about 4 computers that work okay. We only really have 3 stable teachers that are asked to come back and teach every year. As for college prep only the 3 good teachers actually challenge and encourage us to strive for the best.
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