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There is a great sense of community among the student body and teachers. The teachers often get to know you as a person and are working for your best interest. Yet the school is lacking in sports, partially due to its size. Furthermore it lacks in clubs and classes as there are not many to choose from. You will find school spirit and a faculty and study body which truly loves God, however you won’t find great academics. The history and sciences are good but nothing else there will prepare you for after high school.
I'm currently a senior and have been at LCA for about four year. It's a very small school which means everyone knows everyone. Some teachers are better than others but there are a few strict ones. Not that many sports just the normal boys and girls soccer, boys and girls basketball, and baseball. There is not a lot that goes on here but there are some amazing students and a few teachers that really helped in school and in life.
I love the environment. The teachers really care about you and your grade. They care about you as a person. I love the relationships with the students as well. It is small, so the bonds are great.
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I like that it is a family oriented school and small. They have great teachers and facility. Although their academics are good, there math department at the high school level is lacking. I would also like to see them add more clubs for the students.
If I had known about Life Center Academy sooner, both of our kids would have attended it instead of another "Christian" school. The administration and staff really treat it as a ministry so the Jesus factor is tenfold any other school we encountered since moving to South Jersey. The teachers are amazing in their care for the students and not just academically, they go way out of their way to help the kids. The sports facilities are the best in SJ and the coaches are all men and women of God, not just coaches. We love everything we have seen so far at LCA and highly recommend anyone considering a Christian education for their kids to look at LCA first! We wish we had!
Life Center Academy is a close knit community, filled with people that become family. Every teacher and staff member cares about you and wants you to succeed. I am about to graduate and leaving will truly be bitter sweet.
Life Center Academy provides excellent opportunities for students to prepare for academic success beyond high school as well as grow their faith in Christ and develop a Christian world view.
I attended Life Center Academy from Kindergarten through 12th grade. I truly believe that I would not be the person that I am today without the strong foundation that I received from my parents, church, the teachers at LCA. My teachers were supportive and encouraged me to do my best. After graduating from college, I knew that I wanted to return to LCA to teach. I am thankful that I get to give back to a place that has had such an impact on my own life.
It is a great school and only really lacks students in certain grades. I have attended for 5 years and it has been a great experience and i recommend it to anyone in the Burlington area.
I am an alumni who has chosen to send my four children to LCA from preschool to 12th grade. The teachers really care about their students and encourage them to apply themselves in their academics and help guide them spiritually.
I am so grateful for the opportunity to go to Life Center K-12th. My parents knew that a Christian education would be best, and I am so thankful that they made that decision for me. My foundation in Christ was set at this school, and I was able to graduate Salutatorian and earn a full ride on New Jersey Stars to my local county college, not to mention meeting my husband and making life long relationships there. I was given a great education, support system and taught lifelong lessons there that you cannot put a price on.
My overall experience at Life Center Academy is average. This school is very diverse and all the students are very welcoming to new students. The teachers are also very accessible; they are always available to help out any student in need. Academically, the school is average. Unfortunately, Life Center Academy only offers one Advance Placement class, AP English, which I am currently in. The top sports at LCA include soccer and basketball. The soccer team has been the Penn Jersey champions for six years in a row. Also LCA's girls basketball team is sponsored by Nike and has been doing a great job this season. Life Center is a private school. This school encourages Christian behavior and helps students draw closer to God. This school has left a huge impact on my life.
If I could give this school a zero I would. I transferred here from Camden Catholic High School. I basically took classes all over again. The curriculum is incredibly low!!!
If you go outside between bells, you'll get locked out.
We had one club, two some years.
I participated as much as I could in clubs/athletics
Some are *fantastic*, some sleep in class.
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not too much to say about the nurse, shes pretty average
Not a lot of clubs, no people to run them
Like any school it has its flaws. The school is undergoing a change in administration so it might improve over the next few years. The honors classes are good. The disciplinarian tends to be harsh towards the students.
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