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I have been a student at Life for the past 6-7 years. I came in as a 6th grader and now I’m leaving as a high school graduate. Life Academy does a great job and ensuring students are able to obtain access to resources when funds allow. I am grateful for the internship and extracurricular activities the school provides to students to help build up their resumes and prepare for applying to college. There are a few cons such as that the school is pretty small and not like any other typical American High School, but that is also what makes it special. I appreciate the fact Life Academy’s staff and teachers really care for their students. During the COVID-19 pandemic, teachers came together to form a grant and have been fundraising money for students and their families to get by during these uncertain times. We may come from low-income backgrounds, but Life Academy has made me feel rich with knowledge. I am proud to take on the world as a FGLI college student thanks to Life Academy.
Life Academy is smaller than most high schools and therefore teachers are more involved with each student. They have enough supplies for class sizes and enough staff to go on field trips and after school activities. The school could use more diversity in sport teams but it provides all the needs to prepare for college applications, tutoring and mentoring.
As a student, going to a small high school has allowed me to be connected to my teachers and peers. Since Life Academy is a small high school, it is also limited in resources and activities Life Academy has to offer. In terms of college, the teachers do prepare students for college readiness and how to apply to programs, internships, college apps, etc.
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Life Academy is a school where teachers truly care about you and preparing you for college although there isn’t enough funding for extracurricular classes and ap classes but Life Academy introduces students to internships to be able to gain experience in a field of interest.
Life Academy teachers truly care about their students and their future. We are constantly provided with support and motivation. Our school is improving since we now have finals and midterms. Life Academy is not a textbook focused school, we learn straight from the teachers curriculum and lectures. Life Academy allows students to easily create their own clubs or organizations on campus as long as they have an adult ally, approval from the principal, and a group of students interested in joining.
Life Academy is a great school with a tightly closed environment where teachers and students create bonds. This school has access to many internship and programs and staff work hard to push students to try out different things. Personally, I have felt that Life has offered me a lot in school with academics and pushed me further in thinking about my future. However, I think Life lacks school culture and pride. I think that even though it's a good school, there are some things that should be more addressed.
During my 4 years at Life Academy High School , I really enjoyed my time with the teachers and the students. The school challenged others to explore their environment by taking classes on field trips every year. This made the class come closer and bond with one another. The classes also had projects every year integrated with all the classes. All the classes challenged students in different ways by also providing AP classes and internships for students to take advantage of. Not only did they provide extra curricular, but also one on one help with college applications. The school made sure we were thinking abut college by providing field trips to different colleges. They provided a lot of help with college applications especially when it came to writing. They made my experience so much easier and I got into a great college for me. Overall, I had a great experience at Life Academy.
Life Academy is a middle and high school, it's like any other school. Its a small campus so students get along well the staff. They grade kinda hard but that's okay because it prepares you for college. If you are interested in joining the health field later on in life then Life academy is a great choice because it mainly focuses on health and bio-science.
I graduated Life Academy this past June, and let me tell you this school is worth the time. The campus is very small, and so are the classrooms averaging 30 or so students per class. One of my favorite things about this school, would be Post Session. Post Session takes place the last 2 or so weeks of school before summer, which involves many fieldtrips. You are given the opportuinity to choose what activity you'd like to do for those two weeks, and the last day you show off what you did to the rest of the school and your family members. Some of the activities include surfing, hiking in the wilderness for 5 consecutive days, film making, biking around the bay, and many more. This school overall is very small, but you get the opportuinity to meet people like you, and create life long bonds and friendships.
There isn't as much diversity student or teacher wise. They have now added new classes for college credit, but it doesn't seem to be interesting classes.
The teachers are amazing. It's almost as if they are like your family in a sense
We don't much like except for post session which is extremely fun
The school is slight different with it being a small school. But the advisory is like homeroom but much more fun
The teachers really care for you and really want the best for you
My school has it's own medical center and security is good. The doors and gates are closed during school hours so no one outside could get in unless they call the office, The school environment is pretty safe that there no need to have police in the campus.
This school has a lot of partnerships inside the medical field. As well they are partnered with the district radio station. When in the 9th and 10th grade it is mandatory to be in a after school activity, and for 11th and 12th it is mandatory to be involved in an internship. The school gives freedom to the students if they want to create their own clubs and teachers take time out their life to make clubs for the students that can help them on the long run.
I'm not saying that my school is perfect because it's not but every time we go camping everyone seems to support each other and bond more. When those moments happen, it reminds me why I decided to go to this school.
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While in some schools, teachers don't teach things that one has to do once they are in the real world, in my school, in my economics class the teacher was able to squeeze in on how to file your taxes. Overall the teachers in my school, each of them have their own style of teaching which are unique in their own way. Some that consist of visuals(videos), hands-on(experiments), and relations to the real world.
I haven't felt unsafe but I also don't feel completely safe but nothing has happened that makes me feel unsafe
I like how teachers always push to do better and make us know that we can do more than we think
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