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The highschool was good from the start but a lot of the teachers left the school and the school didn't do things that they promised to do. Some of the staff treat some students unfairly but some are good and they care but I think those type of people left except one the history teacher and the math teacher including the film teachers they're good. The school needs people to actually care for the students too.
A small school with caring staff who work hard to educate students. Would recommend to entering students and parents.
I feel like our school should have some musical instruments & cameras. The staff is pretty good & the school environment is good. I like that the school had a lot of sports that you can play because I like playing volleyball & it’s an easy way to make friends.
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Most of the good teachers left. The school is also only half a floor so don't expect much. The kids are annoying and obnoxious so beware. For a school with Film and Music in the name, they don't do much of either.
The teachers and staff members really care about the kids and try get involved with them emotionally. When the staff see someone sad or upset they seem genuinely considered and do whatever they can to fix the issue. One thing I would like to see more of is cleaner bathroom and the students voices being heard more as far as school activities and safety.
The students here are not focused on their education, have no self control, and have no respect for staff memebers.
This school is the definition of mediocre. It allows students to pass without any effort and doesn't reward the students who actually try. The principal is deluded and has no clue what is going on or how to actually help students who want to succeed. The lack of communication between the administration and its teachers, as well as the administration and its students is sub-par. If you want your child to pass high school with minimal effort as well as a poor high school experience this is the best school for you.
Do not send your teen here administration very with college is poor and teachers out of 10 I give it a 2
My first year at life academy high school was completely not what I expected. I thought the work was going to be more rigorous and the students were going to be more mature. However, I come to realize that the school work became easier and most of the students are trouble makers. My suggestion to make life academy a better school is to have the assiant principal/pirincipal/ school staff be more strict. I feel like the school is taken over by the students. There is no discipline whatsoever and that needs to change.
Life Academy left me repeating a classes i had already taken and passed, heavily unprepared for college, as well as unprepared with the college application. Additionally, there was very little attention given to the Class of 2018 and its senior activities. However, most teachers were caring and informative to both students and teachers especially due to the lack of PTA meetings. Though, administration rarely ever listened to the wishes student council or senior committee and meetings were always rescheduled or canceled.
The students there brought me severe emotional distress and the teachers there need to be replaced. Not everyone there seems to be mentally stable. There's only about 5 teachers in total that actually know what they're doing and teach what needs to be taught about the subject and/or life after high school. If I could've went to another high school I would have in a heartbeat. This school sucks and should honestly be shut down.
I applied to this school to understand more about film and the components into making and creating my own film, however this school failed to meet my criteria into accomplishing the goals the promised to achieve. The school promises a better understanding of film and music however, I only taken 2 film classes at this school. I learn little to nothing about film education. Never had a certified music teacher. They failed to reach my exceptions. They hired teachers who under-graded your performance in class due to their lack of understanding of who you are and lack or realization of whether you are in class or not. They fail to learn who you are because they only tend to focus on the troublesome students in the class room. They do not help you apply for colleges. I felt stranded and stressed out trying to fill out my college application at the day of the deadline. It is a very unorganized school where they baby their students and fail to prepare them for college.
The worst. My daughter transfered here in the 2015/2016 school year after her health issues required it. At first the school was amazing. AP classes, great teachers and staff. Now she's a junior. There is no SAT prep, most of the amazing teachers have left as did the amazing staff. My daughter learns almost nothing and if she falls behind in anything; they give her a packet to take home that consists of worksheets. She's not being prepared for regents, she's not being prepared for anything. Some of the teachers that have stayed are some of the best I've ever met. But she can't take their classes and they are discouraged from helping her or changing anything. Even they don't want to be there. She is losing her love for school and the school doesn't care.
The teachers who work at this school are some of the absolute best in the city. They genuinely care about their students, whether it is worrying about if someone cannot afford to eat lunch or staying in the school past hours to help them pass their state exams. It is the teachers who make the school what it is - they are the foundation for which LIFE Academy stands upon. If it was not for these teachers at this school, there is no doubt in my mind that my high school would have been drastically different, and not for better. If I could do it all over, I would still choose this school, not because it is the best school in the area but because of the amazing people who work there.
it was a good experience i had here. The teachers devotion helped me throughout high school by pushing me for better. The small school setting makes it easy for the staff to know all the students.
many varieties of food and a good salad bar
staff have a no tolerates for bullying and fighting
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sports are open to everyone and no try outs are held for any team
teachers are open to everybody. They are open to any problems and give up lunch to any student that needs extra help
we have many different sports and there are always adding new sports
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