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I think that the teachers were some of the best I have ever experienced, they all show a need that they want you to succeed and that is inspiring. I think that some things in the administration could change and some of the rules in the handbook were at times questionable.
Lidgerwood High School is a fantastic high school. The students are very welcoming of each other and the teachers are always there to help a student. The teachers go above and beyond to make sure their students are getting their homework done and getting good grades. Lidgerwood High School has no shortage of clubs and activities for all types of students to join. The advancements in technology based formats for education in the recent years have greatly improved and continue to do so. Lidgerwood High School's administration has had some struggles because of the consistent rotating of staff every year.
It has been a good few years that I have spent in this school. I cannot say it has been perfect, but there is a few things about the school I can say.

It's a small town, so it stresses sports. if your in them you will know your teammates better than anyone. However, I am not in sports. You still feel that same vibe in the stands when cheering from home or away.

The school is definitely willing to work with your schedule. Never feel pressured to do anything you do not want to. Though if you do try something new, everyone will most likely give you the best support they can offer.

Finally, the people are great. People will always be people. In a small town, people just seem more likely to say hello!!
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The transition from elementary to high school was not difficult. I was able to adjust quickly. Later into high school, I realized that not all of my teachers cared about teaching; it felt like they cared about their pay checks in stead. I was not challenge in any of Lidgerwood's classes, but I was challenged in Sociology because it was different and over ITV.
I transferred here in my Junior year (2015) and it was a great school full of friendly students and mostly friendly teachers...The only thing I'd change is the upper faculty (principal/superintendent).
We have a lot of extracurricular activities, but their should be more options for the people who don't want to do any of the active activities. We only have activities for people who want to run around, but what is other students want to be in a group but can't? What do they do then? All of their friends might be in a sport. What are they suppose to do while they are at practice? Sit around and wait for it to end?
Some of the teachers in my school could care less about your education. They just want their paycheck.
Our school has the largest high school gym in the state of North Dakota. If I could do it all over I would go here again. Everyone knows your name so you don't feel like a stranger. I have enjoyed my overall experience so far, with the exception of 7th grade it was a big change. At our school we get some very interesting people to come speak to us.
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