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Most of the teachers are amazing at their jobs and are willing to help students whenever they need it. In addition to this, the school offers many classes and programs to help prepare the students for the real world
Licking Valley High School has an amazing staff of caring teachers who are determined to shape the future of their students. The students are also all very connected and kind, forming a small community. My only complaint is that often, sports are more of a concern than academics.
It's fairly small school, and you get to know almost everyone! The teachers are usually willing to sit down with you, all you have to do is ask. The grading system is a little odd though. It shows you colors usually for your grade, and they are a 4,3,2,1 grading system, but most of the time you can work out with a teacher pretty easily what your actual grade is.
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My daughter attends high school here. There is a good academic curriculum offered. My only concern is too much emphasis is on sports related notarariety. My daughter has won several art awards with no mention from the administration. These include state and national level by scholastic. She even attended Columbus college of arts and design with no recognition going into her sophomore year. As my husband said she did not make the winning point or the game saving play. So if you have an athletic child by all means a great school. Academic child decent school. Elsewise that's all I see going for students.
I love all the resources provided by LVHS. The motto "Every parent helping every child grow and learn" is significantly valid.
What I liked about Licking Valley High School was they truly cared about the students. But what I do not agree with about Licking Valley schools is their grading system.
I first moved to Licking Valley in 7th grade and I have been here ever since. Valley has taught me a lot of things whether the lesson is taught by the students or the teachers or even the principles. Licking Valley is actually one of the best schools I have ever been too and I have moved around a lot throughout my life so I know how other schools are. Licking Valley is the school I am going to graduate from even though I had many opportunities to changes schools, I couldn't do it. I had a goal set to graduate at Licking Valley High School, have my favorite teacher hand me my diploma and walk out of here with a smile on my face.
Licking Valley is a great school with an even better staff. Every person within the district wants to see the students succeed and they will do whatever they can to make it happen.
Very sports oriented environment. Academics do emphasize college, however, a new grading system was implemented very confusing and forced to choose a major area of focus early on limiting classes to take.
Licking Valley is a small community and a small school. Everyone has grown up together. This can be both good and bad. The community is mostly homogenous as well. I had to deal with a lot of bullying as a student from kindergarten until graduation.
I enjoyed my time at Licking Valley. They are a very well rounded school and I would recomend that anyone enroll their child here.
During my 13 years at Licking Valley I have enjoyed the small and close feeling of the community. I like that I know most of my classmates pretty well and that I feel like I can have a conversation with anyone at anytime.
I’ve grown up in the Licking Valley School district my entire life, and my experience has been wonderful. My school is medium size, and every teacher is helping every student. I have been given the opportunity to make new friends with the students around me while also making relationships with my teachers by being comfortable asking questions when I need help. I feel that Licking Valley is the place that allows you to feel like you belong the moment you walk in. I have succeeded in all that I have done at Liking Valley, including acedemics and athletics. I have received Scholar Athlete multiple times, Advocate Athlete of the week, along with top honors of LCL first team awards for both soccer and track and field. My school has shown their support for me by following me in athletics, along with helping me prepare myself for college. I would recommend Licking Valley to any person looking for a school to attend.
I loved the community and the backing wheter in sports or academics. If there was anything I would change it would be how the High school is ran due to the ridiculous grading system that has been implented and force fed dispite widespread dislike and poor resulys.
I have been in the Licking Valley school district since kindergarten. The school has always been there helping me achieve my goals and the past 12, almost 13 years I have kept straight A's and 4.0 GPA. Without going to such a great school like Valley I honestly don't know where I would be. But I do have to thank them for my recent 4.48 GPA and without them, I wouldn't be able to reach the goals that I have already.
There are an abundance of academic classes offered at my school, enough for every student to be able to challenge themselves.
Ever since I started school here at Licking Valley I have been welcomed with open arms, into an almost family like body of students. Everyone is accepted and work together to help achieve academic success.
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Licking Valley offers an abundance of after school activities for any student to get involved in, you just have to put yourself out there and join them.
Our school has switched to one on one computing meaning that every student here at Licking Valley has received some kind of laptop which is used inside adn out of school. The computers have made turning work in much faster and make for the most part everything easier. I would chose this school if I could do it all over again because there are a lot of opportunities that make it easy for every student to get involved in something they are interested in. I have made many friends on the teams I play on, and I wouldn't change it for the world.
Ever since I stepped into the doors of Licking Valley High School, the class of 2017 has been the 'guinea pigs' for everything. Along with the 152 students in my class the teachers have become accustomed to change. What I mean is, our grading system has been changing ever since 2013, we went from the normal "A,B,C" grading to Standards Based. I never thought my hours worth of research papers, tests, and labs would ever be graded using four numbers, "1,2,3 and 4". It has taken almost 4 years to start to understand this new system and I have only been using the old system for 8 years. Every teacher in my school, along with the students have learned how to grade a student on this new system. It hasnt been easy but we have done it together. Teachers have had to take their curriculums and rewrite them all into standards some even stretching to 100 standards in a year that we have to hit. The staff at Licking Valley High School is very dedicated to what they do. If they weren't we wouldn't be at the education level we are now. Every teacher cares for the students that walk through their doors, and I have seen this in the various classes I have taken. They make themselves available when you are in need of help, dedicating their time to making every student brighter. Every teacher grades different that's just how it is, and as a student you have to figure out how each one grades. But with this new grading system and school wide rubrics, there is no reason for any teacher to be grading papers any different from the other. The staff is fully dedicated to giving every student a rich education in a safe environment.
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