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I was a K-8 transfer student from a small town called Raymondville which is about 15 minutes from Licking. The teachers at Licking High School, excepted me with arms wide open. So did all the students, it also helped that I was and still am an athlete. The thing that Licking has that I do not think very man schools have is a good staff that is will to sit down and teach you something after school and on their own time. I can not tell you how many times I stayed after and asked for help. It was not just one teacher, it was all of them. That made my high school career very enjoyable.
I liked how small the classes were, and if you needed help on your school work someone was always there to help you. The buildings need to be updated.
I love the atmosphere and how teachers are actually trying to prepare all of their students for college. I've personally not been involved in sports, but there are a variety of extracurricular activities that reach out to many different kinds of students' preferences. Some class's school spirit may be low, but our Student Council is really trying to fix that issue. All-in-all, an excellent school (studies show that it's the best in a 2 hour radius!!!).
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They're strict with some things and others they just disregard
I would just rather be back at my old school
I used to live in California. I went to Mariposa High school. A beautiful place so to compare it to Licking, well, there's always room for improvement. Also there's a teacher here who literally sits at his desk and gives you assignments out of the book, no discussion.
What got me through were the few teachers who actually cared about what students were learning: both were in the science department.
You're not given opportunities when it comes to sports, kids who play sports have been there since the beginning and the coaches favor them over anyone who's new. The school clubs are not very organized and the students aren't engaged. The kids only involve themselves when it comes to the trips, never the hard work.
The building are in fine shape and the condition inside the school is great. Some repairs need to be made and have been worked on past few years. We have good technology and good resources if we need them. The tutoring is every Tuesday and Thursday before and after school. The only problem I have is the bathrooms could have some remolding done to them. The buses are fair.... They know were to go and all the rules and guild lines to keep the kids aboard safe. We have parent teacher conference every quarter to have the staff meet up with the parents to show their students progress in their classrooms. We have parents volunteer for activities, sports, and clubs if we are short handed for some reason. Very good communication and efforts between everyone attending and working for licking high school!!!!!!
The licking wildcats are a very competitive school when it comes to sports. The students and staff put 110% into their playing and couching. Practice can range before and after school some times everyday depending on the sport. The students love to come out and support their them and show some wildcat pride in the gym. We have cheerleaders that cheer on the side lines. We have a track to keep the kids fit and in shape as much as possible. Over all we have an over all fantastic sports and fitness scene
The teachers work hard to make sure the students are getting the requirements needed to pass the course. The students that want to learn and do good in school exceed the limits and requirements needed but the students that joke off and do not do anything fail at their own expenses. The courses are a piece of cake if the students put effort toward the lessons and study for upcoming tests. If you take certain classes that involve a lot of projects and assessments then yes the workload can get a little hectic at times, but if you work hard to get everything done then its ok. For the students that do not turn work in and slack off yah the work load can get overloaded and frustrating.
There are many of different clubs and activities that a students can join no mater what they are into. Ranging from drama to pep club. The students have to maintain average grades or above to be in the activities, If failing two or more classes the staff will not allow you to join clubs or sports. We take our clubs very seriously but want the kids involved to have fun, have experiences, and learn. Anyone who wants to be enrolled in the activities can, they just have to sign up. If you are unable to pay for some of the fees they can be waved or staff will pay your fees. Staff can even help you be transported if you unable to be transported to activities involved in
The teacher work very hard to make sure their students are educated and try to prepare them for the next step in life that the students allow. The teachers will spend time before, during, and after school to the kids that are struggling in some subjects. The teachers take interest on your home and schooling life and help as much as they can. They grade the students work according to the Missouri restrictions. Also, give you the grade that you have earned not what they expect you to have. A few exceptions are made if you have been absent, they let you make up work you have missed. The staff is great to the students of all race, size, or disability!!!
We have a no toleration of bulling in k-12. The dress code is good they try to keep the guys and girls not to be provocative clothing such as no holes above the knee, shorts arm length, no tank tops, no clothes to advertise drugs, alcohol, or anything of that matter, and boys have to keep on shirts. We have awards that are giving from the staff to the kids with perfect attendance and if you miss over the amount of days you can miss it can cause you to lose credits in your classes.
The only schooling id we carried when I attended from 09- Dec of 13 is our lunch cards. We also needed a passcode to login to our school computers. Licking staff took bullying very seriously. We do not have metal detectives and guards/security because we are not a large accounted school. Licking staff takes dangerous matters well as they can. If needed a city cop can be on call to assist any situation that gets out of control. We have drills so often about intruders and weather advisory. We need a few perk ups but not to many were our school is out of control and unsafe!!! Good school all in all.
There are lots of bully problems.
We have an awesome pep club. People are really involved.
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At my school we can leave campus for lunch so most kids do that and just eat fried foods. The cafeteria only has two lines a day, and there aren't many choices.
There are good people here but if you're looking for a good high school education this isn't the best option.
There are plenty of sports to choose from but other than that after school activities are non existent.
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