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It is a very diverse school with many students coming from all around the world. There are Nepalis, Africans, Latinos, and some European as well. You get to have a real connection with students and teachers. The school is very crowded but by the beginning of the school year, students in August we will be in the new high school where there is a lot of room to move about. I would recommend this school to other families.
Advanced classes are rigorous and enhance students' growth and education. Higher-level faculty and students make the school fantastic for those passionate about learning. Those who are not in advanced classes, though, struggle and faculty lack passion and excitement.
Licking Heights High School is a good experience with nice staff and dedicated teachers. The experience is good and I enjoy how involved the teachers and staff are in this school. The diversity is good also and with good culture too (because there’s a lot of school spirit).
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Licking heights desperately needs improvement. Heading off to college, I feel extremely unprepared and have no support from my school. I know that my fellow seniors feel the same way. A vast majority of them have not even applied to colleges or have no idea how to apply. Teachers will literally tell students that they just do not feel like teaching the lesson that day and give them a free period. There is no preparation for huge tests such as the ACT and SAT. Administration couldn’t care less about students. My family and I have been on the receiving end of some very terrible situations including assault, vandalism, sexual assault, and harassment, and got no help from administrators. Our school has been on the news at least four times this past year for events such as drugs, school shootings, etc. All in all, licking heights needs serious improvements because as it stands it is neither a safe environment or one that is equipped for learning.
The focus on academics is amazing and you can tell the teachers care about a student's success. There are many honors and AP classes that are offered, along with the option to attend off-campus CCP courses. However, the emphasis on sports, mainly football, can often times distract a student from achieving in the classroom.

Football is the primary sport at Licking Heights. Many sports can be completely disregarded in favor of football and boys basketball, like golf and swimming.

Safety is a major issue at Licking Heights. The community's drug issue is abundant and can be observed in the many drug searches that occur at the school. Additionally, physical fights among students are everyday occurrence, sometimes more that one happening in a single day.
I have spent my most of my academic life at Licking Heights so I have seen how the school has changed. As every school, there are student at this school that have more opportunities than other students cause they have come to be favored by staff and administrators. The teachers vary from being very dedicated to their jobs and their student’s growth to disliking working with kids. All in all, Licking Heights is a pretty solid place to attend school.
This high school has incredible, caring teachers and it shows in the students' character and test scores. However, the school is currently incredibly overcrowded and rather underfunded, meaning that many students suffer through large class sizes and no jam-packed halls. Still, the classes offered here are sound and well-taught and the teachers genuinely care for their pupils.
Licking Heights has a decent academic system. This high school is very overcrowded. A new high school building is supposed to be built in the near future but still won't be large enough for the increasing amount of incoming students. They're already planning on getting modulars outside to have classes and possibly to contain more lockers as well.
What I liked about attending Licking Heights High School was that they really like to get students involved in many things like some of the school board meetings and letting the students have a voice and an opinion. Another thing I liked was that many parents get involved in their students' lives. Somethings that I would love to see get changed would be the overcrowding in the schools. For example, when the school is overcrowded, more students are tardy and late. If it gets changed, the amount of students being tardy or late would decrease.
The class rooms are crowded, the hallways are even worse. So many kids packed in the hallway it is crazy.
Licking Heights is a remarkably diverse school district. There is a lot to be learned from interacting with all the cultures represented at this school. The majority of the teachers are professionals and they are very good at what they do. The biggest complaint I have about this school is the overpopulation. It is overpopulated and it can sometimes contribute to a difficult learning environment.
Licking Heights High school is a terrible school. The administration has no control over the students and are not concerned with the overall welfare of the students. Many of the teachers themselves are very poor instructors one of my teachers left in the middle of class all the time. I feel very under prepared for college. I am at the top of my class without much effort and have exhausted be resources my school has to offer.
I love the connectiveness that can be seen at my school. Each student has worked to keep this school running even when faced with adversity and there is not much I would change. There is a new school being built so hopefully most of the major problems can be fixed.
Licking Heights provides an excellent place to further your young one's education. The faculty and teaching staff are incredibly helpful. Although the facilities are not top of the line, Licking Heights has everything you could ever need in order to be prepared for college.
My experience at Licking Heights was a lifetime learning route that helped me find new people and new challenges to master. I learned most of my life lessons from the school's band since everyone in my senior class in the band was a great friend to me. Being in the band helped me be able to be a better person and earn better grades in class. Things that I would like to see changed at this school is the number of students attending. There are too many for each class and something needs to be done in order to prohibit crowding. If this change is made then i'm sure it will be easier on the teachers and fellow students to help give the best learning experience, time and communication skills.
Licking Heights offers a variety of extracurriculars including:

Sports - basketball, baseball/softball, volleyball, track and field, cross country, golf, soccer

Music - a variety of bands and choirs

Student Government - Model United Nations, Student Council, etc.

And an academic competition team called Quizbowl
I would choose to attend this school if I could do it all over again because I felt like I had a lot of support. There were opportunities for me both academically and for extracurriculars, and I got to meet and know a variety of people.
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While some teachers are better than others, the majority of teachers I had during my time at Licking Heights were outstanding. So many of them took the time to invest in their students and make the material applicable to the real world. I felt that if I ever needed help, all I would have to do is ask. There were so many great teachers at my school, in fact, that I had serious trouble deciding who would be the teacher to give me my diploma graduation, which is a special honor at our school.
I like learning so school is cool for me but the students are too much drama and trouble. I struggled a lot through certain subjects at school and the teachers teaching those subjects didn't help me at all. As for school events like football games, those were my favorite because I could connect with everyone even people in other grades.
Most students who struggle teachers don't really do much but there are teachers who do but most teachers don't. Some teachers won't put grades in until the end of the semester and some teachers are rude.
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