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Lick-Wilmerding High School Reviews

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This school is academically rigorous. It has an array of classes to chose from. Everyone is equal and on the same page.
I enjoyed all 4 years at Lick-Wilmerding High School. I have made so many friends throughout the years. Not only do I connect with peers in my grade but from all four grades.
I like the wide range of technical art classes you can take (ex: woodworking, metal, sewing, jewelry, circuits, etc.). I get to show my parents everything I make at Lick, and it is amazing to see how much I can do given these resources on campus.
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The campus at Lick is amazing, and the main building was recently renovated. The academics are very good, but the tech and maker's shops on top of everything else are what make Lick unique. There is a classroom, or shop, dedicated to each of the following: tech, woodworking, metalworking, and electronics/jewelry making. There is also a big library, as well as multiple labs and art classrooms. The teachers won't hesitate to make time meeting with students to help them, and the students are very self-driven and motivated, in school and outside with extracurricular activities. Lick is very progressive and conscious, and this is fostered by the guest talks and assemblies outside of the classroom. The sports, dance, and music programs are good. This is the most diverse school in the Bay Area, racially and economically. Lick is also very conscious of how to make sure you are feeling accepted in the community. The upperclassmen to a great job of welcoming in the newer students.
Great teachers, motivated students, and great classes to take. The school really pushes everyone to improve throughout high school.
A truly stellar experience and one which we forever be grateful. The administration is dedicated, the student population is unequalled and facility is simply the best.
Stellar school with great leadership and teachers. They do a great job w admissions and the students are engaged, bright and kind. Our son attended four years, played sport sports every semester, attended a great east coast LAC and is now in med school. he was well prepared by L-W. Great diversity and very good FA- I haven't seen the redone campus but I am sure it is eyepopping. If you can get accepted, GO, there will be work and learning and a great social group.
The Technical, Visual and Performing Arts programs are amazing, and are supplemented by an incredibly diverse and rigorous academic program.
Lick is the perfect college prep school. The academics are rigorous, the teachers are excellent and the school has great athletic and arts programs. But the best thing about the school is the students.....they are friendly, inclusive and just really nice kids!
Lick-Wilmerding has prepared me academically and mentally in many different areas. Teaching me how to collaborate with other students to reaching out and getting involved with homeless medical clinics, Lick has helped me as a student become more well rounded and seek to solve problems. However, while it is a highly ranked school, like many others there are many moments of moderate to high racial discrimination. The school is active on teaching it's students and teachers about how to notice these instances and how to deal with them.
My experience at lick is awesome. The teachers are great and I am learning a lot! At this school, I feel welcomed and there are lots of staff that helped me in my journey. There is lots of support coming from everyone. I have made lots of friends!
I feel extremely lucky to be able to attend Lick_wilmerding. The school challenges me in my development both as a student and as a member of greater communities. I do wish the school would stay small, but I'm glad to know it is trying to create space for more students as it is extremely selective.
The school boasts diversity, while selecting from primarily wealthy residents of the city. The facilities are great, however the restraints on using them are not completely explained, so you might find yourself using them strictly during class as opposed to at your leisure.
The students are deeply intellectual individuals with strong self-esteem. Students value the intelligence, passion, and talents they see in each other and are not threatened by success. Rather, they are a deeply bonded group with the compassion, empathy, and persistence necessary to be the best at what they do. The teachers earn the students’ respect by being tough, fair, and creative in how they teach.
I like Lick Wilmdering a lot. It has prepared me for college and has let me find my true passion in wanting to pursue a mechanical engineering major. However, certain things such as school culture and lack of diversity has been somewhat troublesome to me.
LWHS combines excellent academics with a community of students who really care about each other. I could not be happier with my decision to attend this school.
Lick is certainly a great place for many students. They truly embody their motto: A private school with a public purpose. Emphasizing service learning and helping others, Lick prepares students for college-level critical thinking and discussion skills.

But, of course, it's not perfect. I think there are some things the school could change, but overall I believe it's one of if not THE best private high school in San Francisco.
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I've attended Lick Wilmerding for 4 years now and It's amazing! There are so many available resources and opportunities for educational purposes some of which I'll miss in college. In terms of college readiness, you are very well prepared academically but there are only 3 college counselors for a class of 125ish to you essentially have to do it yourself if you're a first gen college student. The social life is exciting but there is light (depending on you personality) divide between the rich kids and kids on flex tuition.
Fantastic teachers, resources, and school spirit. Architecture program should be nationally ranked, along with fantastic shop pits. Only regret is not having enough space for our own sports fields, which isn't too bad anyway since we use the City College of San Francisco's facities.
Lick is a great place to cultivate creative and innovative minds. It's very liberal and welcomes diversity. However, if you're the type of person who wants to cram their nose in a textbook and memorize things to pass tests, then Lick isn't for you.
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