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I like how small it is because you become very close to the people you go to school with. There are several resources for you to get better and prepare to go to college. The school is always ready to help you with your college needs and other things. I only wish that the school was nicer in terms of how it looks. I understand we are not the richest school but we needed to spend our money on other things. We could have had a librarian throughout the whole week and more printers for kids that need to print out their assignments.
Honestly the teachers there are amazing and are always willing to help every student when needed. Without some of these teachers I wouldn’t have been capable to stand up for myself during a class discussion or say what I believe in without feeling judge. This school has prepared me for college especially my 11th and 12th grade English teacher who helped my vocabulary develop. As well as in being capable to write essays quick and figure out a thesis. Being able to be part of that academy and receiving all the help when needed made me capable of much more.
Libra Academy is a very Average school. You will receive a good education there depending on what kind of student you are. The teachers there may have favorites in their class but they will never fail someone on purpose. If anything they are kind of lenient when it comes to your final grade.
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Look elsewhere.
They simply put me in AP calculus and statistics and I passed those classes but what would helped me the most was precalculus.
The idea that the smart students can skip a math subject or two is so detrimental to me that I end up wasting my time having to retake classes.

Consider the curriculum offered. They should have AP science classes. Take math courses in sequence. Opt out of the math "fast track", because math knowledge always builds on itself, there are no shortcuts. If you skip ahead you're going to have to double up just to fill the holes in your knowledge. At the college level that's just asking for a lower gpa for no reason.
(It is possible to do things fast, but you MUST take classes in order. If you want to take higher level math quickly I suggest taking the preceding courses during summers. Ask your counselor. This will allow you to advance faster without skipping.)
My experience at Libra Academy was great, but there are certain things that I would like them to change is having more resources for students and take out the restroom policy.
Libra Academy is a very good school with a wonderful staff. The teachers in this school are very compassionate and care about all of their students. Everyone is treated as equals, the adults treat the students as mature people and as young adults. The campus of this school is also very neat and clean.
The school Libra Academy is filled with students of so much potential. Our resources however is where I would like to see a change in. Our school needs to provide our students with more resources, more clubs, more opportunities to prepare us for college.
During my four years at Libra Academy, I had to honor to meet many amazing teachers and staff. They would all offer help and support when I needed it the most. The best part of Libra would be the fact that it's main focus is to prepare their students for college/university as much as possible. Furthermore, it's a school that tries to motive every single student want to keep working for their education in the future. Aside from all of this, the only thing I can say that needs a bit more work would be the diversity within the school because it's known to be 99% Hispanic/Latinos.
What I liked about Libra Academy is that teachers care about your success and do whatever they can to help you in your academics. Counselors inform you if the things you need and motivate you to thrive for success
I personally love Libra Academy. Libra’s students especially seniors all have an idea on what they want to major in, the seniors I spoke to showed a good sense of maturity and responsibility. Many of the teachers here do promote this behavior, and so does Libra it has its school wide learner objectives focusing on mind, character, and well being. Teachers here offer tutoring to help students succeed in college and in their current classes. There are many clubs here that help students grow and work hard and help apply for scholarships. There are many clubs here require students that have a sense of dedication and commitment, from the Mathletes all the way to the Humanitarian club. The teachers here are very kind and like to make connections with us, which creates everlasting bonds between the students and teachers. I myself are really close to the teachers here!
I like how it's a small school and how the majority of people know each other. I wish we had more Eco friendly materials in school other than that its a good school.
I would choose this school again because of the learning experience and exposure to different life events you would only recieve by attending this school
Many of the teachers ook for the best interest of the student but are held bak by curriculum.
I love playing sports at school it is challenging and fun at the same time.
Parents at this school are very involved and are always present on campus.
I strongly vouch for my teacher and the extra help they provide for the students.
My favorite experiences are the skills I learned and skills I've received
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I love the teachers there.
There is a variety of subjects to choose from.
This Scholl regulates almost all aspects of our safety and our surroundings
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