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I love this school the teachers are amazing!! They really prepare you for the future,only complaint is it’s hard to make freinds,very clique
Great teachers and spirit. Mostly every teacher cares about students getting good grades and understanding topics and this shows through their extra time they spend with students that reach out for help, but LHS had a lack of college readiness for students. The counselors and CRC rely on the students to reach out for help and they never told us what we needed to do to get into our dream college, they just want us to graduate high school.
Great school, great teachers. Great principal and extra curricula activities. Including community involvement.
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great school with friendly students and amazing opportunities! it is evident that teachers care about students and do their best to prepare them for college and onward. the atmosphere and sense of community is amazing.
All of my teachers I had while at LHS were dedicated to their students' success; I took some general classes, some AP, and some fine arts and loved them all. Every department definitely has their preferred teachers by the students, but the majority of the teachers were well-received by the students and enjoyed their classes. LHS prepared me for college courses and workload, especially with the AP classes, in a way that put me far ahead of my peers when I first started college. I am appreciative of the environment I had while in high school both in the academics and the arts departments that allowed me to pursue things I was interested in. Some of my best memories from high school were in my science and choir classes, so I am appreciative of the teachers I had that showed their passion for what they teach and pushed students to do their personal bests. I realize that not everyone had the same experience that I did, but I know that many students that graduated from LHS miss it greatly.
I feel my experience at Libertyville High School has been very good. Almost all of my teachers have gone out of there way to help me If needed and have been super helpful, respectful, and kind. The staff is very nice and the school hosts multiple events to make all students feel welcome and included.
I love the spirit and passion for involvement. I wish there was better cafeteria healthy options and a better system than to not get food without a student ID.
Libertyville High School has a great environment. One of my favorite things is the fact that it has so much school spirit and so many traditions that truly make the community feel like a family. Homecoming is huge, the senior water balloon fight is so much fun, and there's so much more. The school is also great at providing resources for the students. In particular, the College Resource Center constantly posts scholarship opportunities, job openings, internships, and more. The school is constantly surveying the student body to see what classes can be added and what the students would like to see changed. The only real flaw with LHS is the fact that it's such a bubble, and sometimes people get caught up in it. It has very little diversity - it's majority white and fairly affluent. Students are often very sheltered, and there is not as much awareness of the "real world" and real issues as I would like to see.
From my 4 years at Libertyville I had an amazing time. Yes our school doesn’t have that much diversity, but everyone is still very respected. Our teachers and staff are really easily to get in contact with and get help if needed. The facility is majestic, this year we just got a brand new Olympic pool and turned the old one into a dance/ wrestling room. We are also going to renovate the weight room. During the four years I witnessed the school change and improve along with technology and different student resources, such as a brand new salad bar.
I have really enjoyed my experience at Libertyville High School overall. My freshman year was by far the hardest on me emotionally, I was bullied and I felt lost in the sea that was LHS. This is not a reflection on the school itself but more so the kids attending. The administration really helped me deal with the situation and everything was handled well. I had great next three years and an overall great experience.
I moved into the school district shortly before freshman year, but I was very quickly welcomed into a wonderful community of many great people, all of whom want the best for me.
I love my school and everyone I know knows they’re lucky to go here. There are amazing opportunities that allow us to excel at any subject we are interested in, and the administration is really focused on inclusion and helping students be prepared for life after graduation, whether it be college, military, a gap year, or directly into the work force.
Libertyville High school offers many different programs available to students and the teachers are very invested in student success
Libertyville HS offers an amazing education and preparation for college with some of the best teachers in the state. Much of the staff truly care about their students and they are led by a phenomenal principal. The extracurriculars an the resources readily available for students are seemingly boundless-- the current administration is constantly finding ways to improve the student experience and to offer better tools for learning. In addition to the top notch academics and resources, there is a serious network for the promotion and aid for student mental health in the form of Green Dot training, and a student organization named Life of a Wildcat that promotes a happier, healthier, and higher performing lifestyle. With the countless things to get involved in and paths to take at LHS, there really is a place for everyone.
All of my teachers are so eager to see me perform my best. I believe Libertyville High School has well prepared me for my next four years.
I have really liked LHS. The teachers are always willing to help and they keep things interesting. There are a lot of clubs and activities so I have been able to participate in sports and extracurriculars.
Libertyville High School is a very closed community, although the town and student body is large. At times, the school seems closed off to the rest of the world but it also prepares us the most for our futures. LHS allows students to work in an open, safe environment with freedom to try new opportunities and activities each day. Being a very educated program, it produces students who are ready for adult life and are serious about their passions. Libertyville is very strong in the arts, sports, and especially their academic programs. Teachers and staff represent the school well by being good role models that challenge the students in a positive way.
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Libertyville High School is a wonderful place to learn and grow as a student. It has great teachers and athletics.
Libertyville High school is a very nice school that has a good focus on college readiness and providing additional help for students. The high school has many functions that are provided for the students who want to seek extra help. One of these is the M.A.S.H this is a room that acts as a study hall and there is always teachers in there to help with all subjects.
Libertyville High School offered a lot of challenging classes along with interesting clubs. The school spirit was super high and everyone could find a place to fit in.
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