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It's very Christian, and what with the mandatory evangelism and bible classes it probably isn't the best or most comfortable choice for anyone other than die-hard evangelist Christians. But most people know that going in I can assume.
it is very easy to take the courses there and you can go at your own pace so you can either complete our class in a week or follow the schedule
I joined Liberty University Online Academy after I decided to pursue my goal of going to college in the United States. It has given me the opportunity to have an American high school curriculum while living in France. It has helped me get use to the American curriculum, study for the SAT, and work on my college application.
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it teaches you how to prepare for your online studies. Where I first struggle with getting to know the system, preparing for deadlines, the academy brought everything into perspective.
Liberty online has allowed to me to finish my schooling while being able to travel and figure out my personal life.
I liked how flexible my schedule was. I did not like how the professors were too lax. They did not give adequit feedback most of the time. The only professors that were truly passionate were the Bible and Biology professors. The rest did not care at all.
My experience at Liberty University Online Academy has been wonderful. My favorite thing about my school is the communication I receive from my teachers and the amount of work for each class. This school has allowed me to be academically challenged but not overworked. My least favorite thing about my school is the little to no hands-on activities, however, the academy does a good job of virtual hands-on activities. Overall Liberty University Online Academy is a great school and I plan on graduating from there.
As a student of Liberty University online, they have provided a huge amount of assistance and encouragement. The online classes are well organized and extremely informative. The courses are well formed and the learning experience unlikely any other online program I have known. They are extremely diverse in their degree programs and services.
Liberty University Online Academy (LUOA) is an amazing school where you are not only growing in your education, but also in your faith and respect for human nature. The teachers are not only great leaders who inspire their students to do great things, but they support us 100% of our way to graduation, even after leaving their class. Liberty University Online Academy is an amazing school to grow our education, faith, and ability to do great things!
The class material was very good. I learned so much throughout the year at LUOA. I would definitely recommend Liberty University Online Academy. The teachers are kind and encouraging. The only problem I had were a couple typos.
It is a private online school so many activities that are common amongst public schools like sporting events, school dances, etc cannot be done but can be substituted with homeschooler events. The teachers and administration are VERY caring and make sure to do everything in their power to help you *IF you reach out and make your issues known*. If you are concerned about not being able to understand something in class without a teacher, video calls can be easily arranged.
Great opportunity for people who are new to homeschooling and need to move around. The teachers are very helpful.
Liberty University offers a good variety of course options for the online learner. I typically enjoy the faculty and staff engagements, but have, on one rare occasion, encountered an instructor who seemed a bit out of place in an online learning environment. Whereas other instructors utilize helpful and polite email etiquette, this particular professor seemed lost on the idea of such niceties. Aside from one poor experience, I greatly enjoy the online program, staff, and detailed education I receive from Liberty University's online program.
I have been a student at Liberty University both online and on campus. Both programs are great! However, the online academy is considerably easier than the residential courses. I think there might be a slight decrease in the quality of the courses. The courses are taught from a good Christian perspective and if a student wants to learn they can get a lot out of them. I believe that Liberty has a policy that all online classes have open notes for tests. This makes it a lot easier to do well so if someone wanted to bypass learning somewhat, they definitely could. I had a wonderful experience with LU Online Academy though and I think it is especially beneficial for dual enrollment in high school.
LUOA is an amazing school for all levels. The advisors and instructors are extremely kind and encouraging! LUOA provides a wonderful and rigorous Biblically-based curriculum that pushes students to work hard.
The online program of Liberty University is well structured and indicates us what we have to do clearly.
Liberty University makes sure you complete everything you need to on time. They call or even email to make sure your on time for semester check ins, Financial aid deadlines, everything. The staff is more then nice, anyone I talk to talks with such grace and understanding. This is the first college I attended where I know I will complete my degree and fulfill my career goals. I applied to two different colleges in my three year school gap and none has made me want to stick to their program. But Liberty University is different they care about all students and their success. Not to mention the tuition is low I mean college could be free or lower but it’s reasonable with Aid from the government. I have no bad words for this university. If you want to become your best self and have unlimited amount of support come study at Liberty University.
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I like how they are with the enrollment process but i dont like how the financial aid check in goes.
Love the school site , dashboard and teachers respond quickly and how academic and thorough the curriculum is for each subject
Liberty University has offered a wonderful online experience and continues to provide affordable education benefits for military active and retired members.
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