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I've gone to Liberty Union from kindergarten all the way through senior year. It's a generic high school, but with certain perks. I've only met one teacher that I didn't truly like; the teachers and administration truly are there for you and helpful, but you have to allow yourself to be helped. Since it's such a small school, you create many close bonds and friendships that I don't think you could make anywhere else. Liberty Union truly is something else, and I mean that in the best way possible.
Liberty Union offers college level courses through the school to give students the opportunity to get ahead in their education. The school is pretty average for a public school. In a rather low-income area.
I have attended Liberty Union since 4th grade! I have made many friends and memories along the way. However, one thing I have noticed is the lack of inclusion when it came to groups, especially in high school. I think of myself as a very friendly person, but there were times that I struggled to talk to and do things with people who were outside of my immediate friend group. Since moving to a D1 school I have learned that I did not nessicarilly approach the situation wrong. Instead Liberty Union has created such a tight nit community that it can be very hard for most to branch out. Regardless of that, I appreciate everything that high school taught me in academics and life.
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The fact that all of the teachers are willing to help the students whenever possible is what makes Liberty Union an excellent school. All teachers at Liberty Union promote, praise, and accept questions asked by students. Liberty Union graduates many outgoing students. These students are outgoing because of the teachers pushing the students to make sure the information is clear. This is due in part to the low amount of students at Liberty Union and high amount of teachers. The terrific staff to student ratio makes every student feel involved and in touch with their education. This involvement among the students is insipid by the original involvement from the teachers.
Liberty Union High School is right in the middle of a very close-knit community. It's incredibly easy to connect with the teachers and your fellow students, while still learning a lot during your time there. It offers multiple CCP and AP courses which is free college credit from high school and the teachers are amazing.
Going to Liberty Union was at times tough. There were many different instances where you would only get ahead in things if you were popular, rather than the best qualified. However, it's very easy to find a good group of people to sink into and run through high school with. No matter what happened during high school, I still couldn't imagine going anywhere else or spending it any other way.
Not only is this school horribly underfunded, but the administration are negligent about simple things. Students are bullied, harassed, and constantly engaging in some form of illegal activity at this school. Clics are a common occurance. Teachers pick favorites and actively discriminate against those that don't 'fit in'. The budget set up for this school is horribly used. They invest in a football team that is horrible rather than get new textbooks or better computers for the entire school. They have a leaking roof and their softballs fields regularly flood.
Academics are okay. Many students are more prepared to go into the workforce or trade school than to college. Most sports are exceptional. Some teachers care, some do not. The overall culture is inclusive, but there is also an obnoxious amount of country kids.
I've had a decent experience, for the most part this is my hometown so I'm always going to love my school but on the other hand the teachers can be a little too educated for what they are teaching. What I mean by this is that they talk down to you sometimes because they are too smart for what they are teaching so they don't understand that we don't understand exactly what they understand. The athletics are good for the most part and some teachers are understanding for the most part. A nice small town small school with a good staff.
I went to Liberty Union-Thurston High School for all four years of my high school career. My school was extremely small; I graduated with a class of 120 students. I absolutely loved the fact that it was so small, we all stuck together. There were some downfalls however. We did not have the facilities like other bigger schools around us did. We did not have very many options when it came to classes or clubs and things like that. But our teachers worked extremely hard to make sure we were prepared for our college careers!
There are many extra curricular activities some clubs include: FCCLA, Interact Club, Foreighn Language Club, FFA, and Student Council. Our school also has a group of actors and they recently recreated Annie.
My favorite experiences at this school was the freedom we had my freshmen and sophomore years. Now there are so many new rules and changes, especially for the seniors it is taking away all the seniors experiences and privileges they look forward to in the beginning years of high school.
The teachers are very kind for the most part and will always help a student when a student needs help. The teachers tend to have very repetitive lesson plans. However, most of the teachers are very knowledgeable just are not the best at explaining the steps and concepts clearly. Most try to make a balance between teaching and creating a bond with you to make the class more enjoyable.All the teachers are very consecutive in grading.
There is no diversity whatesoever at Liberty Union...
Teachers do as little as possible for students and honestly don't care. Liberty Union offers the bare minimum of classes
Liberty Union High School has deterred my education in so many ways, it is ridiculous. The biggest mistake of my life was attending this school.
We are a small school so it is understandable that we do not have a large variety of extracurriculars outside of sports and FFA, but it is gradually improving, but still involvement can be random is most are not committed to their extracurriculars.
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Parents are either entirely involved in the community and will be involved with the school to bend the school's arm to get what their child wants, but other parents have no involvement in their children's education. Parent involvement in non-athletics is non existent.
Most teachers do not try to teach or accommodate different students.
Bullying is said to be taken extremely seriously, but really is not. The security at our school has changed from last year, where kids would sneak out of school by propping doors open with a stick and leaving, then coming back at the end of the day. One of the side doors did not close or lock properly mostly all of last academic year. This year, we have an intercom at the front door, which seems to be helping.
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