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Liberty Traditional Charter School Reviews

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They try with all their heart. I have heard they are adding new things, but I can not say how it is now. I just know that when I was going there, there was not that many options. I did get to take an advance math class which helped a lot.
We had one option a day. I don't know how it is now, but it was a little annoying. Therefore, if you didn't like the food you usually didn't eat.
They have many rules and they are all part of safety. They do take safety and feeling welcome seriously.
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With limited space and money, the school did a good job at using all of the resources they did a good job.
My teachers were so friendly and everyone from Kindergarten to 8th grade knew each other.
The teachers are really nice, some a little too much. There was one incident that I heard about but that teacher is no longer there. I understand that it was taken care of and the school staff is as safe as it can be.
There are so many different people and personalities on campus. It really opens your eyes to different cultures and backgrounds. And it does this with a small amount of students so everyone feels like family.
The gym is alright, There are two basketball hoops and a portable volleyball net. The school had small teams but we didn't perform very well. Our soccer team i think did the best.
When I was in school here, there was a very limited amount of activities. Now I have heard though that it is picking up and they are adding different activities and they are getting more support.
I thought there were definitely different cliques and people did get picked on but it wasn't bad. The school tried to handle the situations and help raise awareness for bullying. I can't say that we always felt safe but we did have a family growing that helped us feel safe. We had enough fire drills and lock downs to know what to do in a serious situation however, I never recall actually having a serious issue.
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