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Liberty Technology Magnet High School Reviews

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Every high school has ups and downs. My high school career has been rocky with inconsistent principles and the increase in disciplinary action. The school cannot be defined by the attitude and demeanor of the students alone. The test scores within the school are significantly lower than in the past yet the effort is being made. I like the opportunities that are presented through the school. The variety of liberal arts programs also happens to be an attribute I admire. While other schools may have two or three options, this high school offers five. I would like there to be more involvement in the extracurricular clubs that correspond with liberal arts programs. It may instill a new trait within the students that will change their attitude and behavior as well.
The only thing i would like to see is for Liberty to become more involved with fundraising and the community. Overall, I love everything about Liberty High School. I have been going there since my freshman year of high school and now i'm a junior at Liberty High School. The teachers are so loving they care for you as their own child they also do not believe in giving up , so you cant fail at Liberty High School.
I had a bad and good experience at Liberty. The only thing I like about is Liberty is that they give you a choice of taking college lab. College lab help you take classes the you might want to take in college to get the credit out the way.
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Needs better teachers and a better curriculum to get students ready for college. A lot of the teachers don't care about the students and are only there to get a paycheck. The agriculture program, however, is one of the best programs the school has to offer. The agriculture teachers actually care about their students and want them to succeed at life.
I was a student at Liberty & the way they do things is terrible . They focus way to much on the trouble children cause instead of the academics . When i was there my senior year was boring .
I graduated from Liberty Technology Magnet High School in 2016. While I was there, I was involved in many clubs such as: Cross Country, Track, Soccer, Junior ROTC, Beta Club, Leadership University, Jr. Rotary, Skills USA, and the Robotics club. I enjoyed my time at this school, and I will treasure the memories I made. I made many friends, either students or teachers. If any of the teachers that I had remain there, then its still a good school.
I attend this school currently and the school has become extremely terrible. We have constant fighting and threats. We have sanitary issues and the environment is poor. I have heard about gangs in the school, cockroaches, and ants, and inappropriate activities among the students. The staff is decent at best. While there are good members of staff, many are unhelpful. One good thing is the CTE courses including culinary and greenhouse.
My four-year experience at Liberty Technology Magnet High School aka “The Tech” was bittersweet. I made life-long friends that I now carry into my college years. The principal and teachers were so kind and it felt as if I knew them since I was a child. The environment was enjoyable, but there were always a few students to take it away. I really did enjoy the food because there were always extras. Overall, I do miss being a student there and if I could do it all over again, I would.
Liberty Tech is a school full of new and exciting adventures as to transferring from middle school. I love the environment in this school and the protection that is provided to ensure all guests of safety. Liberty Tech has became not only a school, but a home to many former and current students, as well as teachers. Although this is a great school there is always room for improvement in all things. One transformation I would love to see is in the food that is served. All of the students including myself are beyond blessed to what is provided to us but receiving low quality food shouldn't be accepted by any means necessary.
Liberty has been an adventure. I liked how the school and school system were freshman and sophomore year. It feels like the school has gone downhill. We went from having a bit of freedom to not being allowed to have fundraisers out of dress code. We have had troubles with cockroaches. We even had moldy breakfast once. On the other hand, we have nice programs and classes. We have small animal care where we learn to groom dogs. Another is automotive class where you learn to repair vehicles. Overall, the school has had good moments and bad moments.
Liberty is a great school. Some teachers really care about the students. You can meet nice people that could eventually become your friend.
It was a great school to go to, and I enjoyed every year i was there. It was academically challenging, and pushed students to work hard and do their best. Sports were also a big thing that connected all the students.
Liberty had some wonderful teachers who care about students, but liberty needs better tastey food😋, the food is healthy but not tastey 😬 but Liberty will always be a great school that kinda feels like home 😄💖
It was a great school to go to. You come in as a teen but you come out mature. Some of the teachers there might seem mean, but deep down inside they care for you in their own way.
My experience at liberty tech high started as I first stepped into the school with hopes of achieving great knowledge and passion for future career. Unfortunately, due to the re-zoning of several schools in the county, the kids that transferred to liberty made it seem uneventful. I appreciate the few clubs that we have in the school yet students and teachers do not put effort into expanding and recruiting additional members in order to compete with state. Not a lot of opportunities are offered for those who want to commit to healthcare field/ medicine in the future. Academics are not a big priority in this school either. I want to do more yet the people around me limit my options. I want to make a change but I don’t have a lot of support on my side. Nobody sees what i see. And for that reason, I give the school 2 stars.
Liberty is a great school that allows you great opportunities for college scholarships and an effort to prepare you with helpful tools that you can use when choosing a major for college. But in-order to reach these opportunities-- you have to have a teacher who believes in you or also you can make many visits to the guidance counselor's office. Although there are great teachers and people at this school, there is a problem with some teachers not really trying to allow they're kids/ students the opportunity to ACTUALLY tell them whether they're caught up or not. Parent involvement is key at all times to make sure that everything is going swell ,but many parents could care less.
Other than the some of the small amount of flawed teachers, it is a great school.
Liberty is a school of many things but most of all it has taught me how to become a better person and also that when times get hard you have to keep pushing through. Liberty has also prepared me for college in so many ways. I’m thankful to be a Liberty Tech Crusader
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The school has excellent teachers who are willing to learn and try new ways for teaching their students to prepare them for the real world.
High school is totally not how I imagined it to be . How I see it on the Disney movies is how I thought it would be . You learn that everyone has different mind sets and are completely different . In my four years at Liberty We have gone through 3 principles . I think teachers play a huge part in any school. Some teachers here are not much of caring as others . You can be smart in a subject but if you have the wrong teacher you will eventually start to hate the subject. A lot of students go through things outside of school,and when they get to school they honestly don’t want to do anything at all. A lot of teachers here care about the students ,want them to succeed in life . Liberty Tech has so much to offer . We have Culinary Arts, Engineering,Manufacturing, a class to fix on cars. I would highly recommend anybody to attend this school. We have amazing art teachers who are both very caring and understanding.
Liberty is a great High School. You'll learn so much through your years. Good teachers, Great coaches and more.
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