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The culture at Liberty High School is overwhelmingly positive compared to many of the other schools in the area. There are so many diverse opportunities for students to find a group that shares their hobbies or interests, and the student government works hard to represent and accommodate every student. Most of the teachers are amazing, both in instruction and personally. They are always there to help their students, whether that is with a personal problem or academic. Of course there are a hand full of teachers who aren't the best, but that is expected at any school. Overall, a very positive and supportive experience.
Liberty High School is a great community but has grown larger, making relationships between teachers, staff and students much harder, unable to focus on each of their needs as this is an important time period in their lives. I wish they had focused more on mental health and the repercussions that are involved.
Liberty High School is a place with a great sense of acceptance and community. The student body and staff have been able to facilitate a very welcoming and open atmosphere, which is something other high schools often lack. All of the staff are very kind and are always available to talk and help students, and not only about school work. Liberty High School is a school that is filled with individuals that strive to help one another succeed. I have truly enjoyed my last 4 years in such an environment and wouldn't have wanted to spend it anywhere else.
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As a graduating senior from Liberty Senior High School who has attended all four years of my high school career at this school, I think that the diverse and welcoming environment has helped to provide every student their proper setting to learn in. All the teachers and staff have greatly ensured that each student has equal and sufficient opportunity to grow as leaders and more successful people geared towards their futures.
I am currently a freshman attending Liberty Senior High School. So far, my experience has been swell. I've learned to integrate into the family-like culture with the help of our fellow Patriots, who wish to ease our transition from middle school to high school. Opinions, ranging from students to teachers to our administration, are heard and Liberty has provided this sense of community beyond the interior of the school walls. However, there are somethings I hope to see change as I progress through my high school journey. My main concern would be the diversity. I understand that diversity isn't really something that the school can change, but at least looking beyond the color of the student's skin. I chose this as one of the problems that Liberty could fix because recently I have faced a bit of racism due to my ethnicity. Just because I was Asian, I was taunted for causing the corona virus. Overall, I hope to see Liberty put forth a better foot in the upcoming years.
Liberty is very welcoming and involving. The teachers are helpful and caring. Liberty is a school that takes care of issues immediately because the staff is effective and cares about the safety of its students and staff. The school is very communicative and makes sure that the parents and students are aware of all events, issues and resources. Their website is very simple to navigate and provides much information to all its members.
Teachers expectations are high and it can be difficult to keep up, leaving students very stressed. Teachers need to be able to recognize this and help students when they need it in order to help them succeed.
Liberty High School was great for my freshman year. It was fun to be at a new school in a new environment. But as I got older, I realized how many people were bullied, traumatized and made friendless because of the complete struggle for power that exists everywhere you turn in this school. It's a terrible place to be for some of the most important developmental years in your life. I'm giving it two stars though because the teachers are very nice and usually do everything in their power to help you succeed.
I came to Liberty when I was a Sophomore, so I was a bit terrified when I first started. Overall, the students were pretty kind. They minded their own business and there were little disruptions. Academically speaking, they are extremely difficult, but so beneficial in the long run. It is a challenge at first, but it will benefit you in the long run. The teachers are very caring and want what is best for you. There are a lot of clubs, but they aren't really taken that seriously (in my opinion). The school is very positive and the students are always planning something for the seasons and holidays. The sports is where the majority of the flaws come into play. There is little help when issues occur. Issues rarely get solved and there is a rather toxic environment when it comes to some sports teams.
Liberty has historically been the poorest school/region within ISD. Nestled between Cougar and Tiger Mountain, the Renton Highlands was once a rural, predominantly white place. Meanwhile, the rest of Issaquah has been a cushy hub for wealthy Seattle commuters, many of whom have immigrated from abroad to the Puget Sound region to work for major tech companies. The wealth of Issaquah-Sammamish-Newcastle has made ISD well funded and successful. With access to great schools, the Liberty region has been rapidly gentrifying, with house prices going up more than $200,000 where I live in the past decade. This has resulted in a dynamic feel at Liberty, involving a lot of different perspectives. The influx of wealth has resulted in greater opportunity for people who have been living here for a long time, and it seems to be a win-win situation. However, it makes me a little sad that what used to be a diamond in the rough is becoming homogenized, with lower-middle class families being priced out.
Liberty has an overall positive tight sense of community. There are many opportunities there. The buildings are modern and clean.
I liked the relationships that teachers were always ready to make. I always felt invited when I came into class, although not all the teachers had the same kind of friendliness, the majority were nice. The student body as a whole I feel lukewarm about. There are lots of great people you can talk to and get along with, but the relationships usually don't go that deep. But I have to say I have the relationships I have made and held onto I hold close to my heart.
Overall, Liberty is a good school. It has good, experienced teachers who take the time to get to know their students and make sure they exceed. Our school provides a lot of resources for those looking to go to college and often has colleges meet students during lunches. One thing that I would like to see Liberty improve is the integration of ASB into the school population. Historically I have felt that our ASB or other leadership programs are a lot of talk but no action. The students commonly stick with each other and barely know any other students. This may just be a student issue, but the administration could overall do a better job at being inclusive and intentional when it comes to their students.
The students and staff are all very nice people, there is hardly any bullying and a lot of accepting people of all lifestyles.
The classes in Liberty High School taught me a lot about a variety of subjects including computer science related topics such as programming and web design. Most of the teachers were extremely friendly and it's fun to explore the campus with friends. Exercise was also mostly fulfilled through PE courses which were really enjoyable overall. However, there were a few teachers that were extremely strict and sometimes even unfair in grading and assignments which gave a lot of stress in many students including myself.
One of the top rated schools in the area -- and for good reason! The staff, students and facilities are top notch. This school has a great sense of community that takes pride in their academics and athletics. Liberty continually raises the bar higher each passing year and is consistently ranked evenly with its other Issaquah high school peers.
I enjoy coming to school on a daily basis and always have great energy when I'm at school. The teachers at Liberty are amazing. A quality of the teachers that makes me enjoy school more is that the teachers are always pushing to get the best results from their students.
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Liberty is a great school. They have elective options for everyone, and the staff is helpful and supportive. I came to Liberty my second year of high school, and they were so welcoming and kind to me. There are also rigorous academic opportunities, and fantastic clubs and sports. I would recommend this school to anyone. However there are around 1500 students, so it can feel very overwhelming at times.
The classes offered at Liberty High School vary in interest and rigor. The staff are helpful, kind, and many of them genuinely care about their students outside of the classroom. I have valued the sense of community at the school and a solid effort to make the high school atmosphere a fun and inviting place to be every day. The friends and memories I have made will last a lifetime.
The community here is very welcoming; I've never seen any bullying at the school and have found many friend groups to be a part of. Most of the teachers are kind and supportive, so you should feel no problem asking them for help on assignments or homework. The clubs and activities are also very fun here, and many students have even started their own clubs if they did not find one that they were interested in.
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