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Liberty Senior High School Reviews

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Liberty is located in a small town in Missouri. With less than 100 students per grade, it is easy to have a personal relationship with teachers, staff, and students.
Liberty High School is an overall great school. There are so many oppurtunities to prepare you for the future.
Liberty Senior High School is a very small school with about 400 kids total! I like that the school is so small because you get a lot of one on one time with your teachers and you build better relationships with them! All the teachers and everyone else on the staff is like your family. They are always there for you and treat you like your their own!
The only thing I would like to see change would be that the school needs to pay the teachers better. Liberty High has some of the best teachers around, and they do not get the salary that they deserve. Our funding at our school is a little lower than most therefore our teachers do not receive the money they deserve.
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I like how Liberty Senior High School is a close-knit school. Everyone is like family, as there are less than 400 students within the high school. I don't like how the use of technology is. The vast majority of the time the internet isn't working.
I liked being able to go to a small school and know almost every single person walking the halls. I loved being able to talk to a teacher one on one about a problem I was having.
We don't have after school programs.
I have had an amazing life experience going to liberty senior high school.
All of the teachers I have had are always willing to help.
Liberty High School is a small school with around 300 students. The bright side of being a part of a smaller school is you never see a stranger. The classes are small, which means that you are able to be more productive during that class period. I've made many great memories that will last a lifetime, including pep assemblies, Friday night football games, and the friends I've made. If I had could do this all over again I would definitely go back to Liberty High School, not just for the sports and the education, but for the memories.
The clubs and sports organization allow kids to get to know one another. It also helps with actual life skills such as responsibility, commitment.
99% white people, musical/art related things are "dumb"
not the best, but our entire school needs re-vamped so I can't blame one thing/person
thanks, lady who made our cafeterias suck
The academics are similar to other schools.
For the area the school is fine but could use more.
It left me with an idea of what it would be like.
There are many great clubs to join!
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For a small school it does what it can to reach its students.
The majority of the students are white Christians.
Like small schools their major focus is on sports.
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