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The health and safety policies at this school are above average.
The school serves food and twice a week we get salad bar so we can get healthy choices.
The teachers at this school try their hardest to make sure the students get the best learning experience possible.
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The school is very small and so everyone knows everyone and we get along. Since we get along it makes talking to each other very easy and being friends is a given since we aren't mean and we don't have much of a choice. I think the social scene at Liberty is one of the best.
My experience has been great! It's a small school so the students can find a way to improve their grade easily. The academics are very good as well and are fairly challenging which is good for our education and our chances to do well on tests that will help us get into good colleges.
Our fitness program is one of the main things at our school. Most people play sports. We are an extremely small school though so we barely have an enough kids to make a team so we co-op with a neighboring school. People, whether it's student or community wise, try to go to games as often as possible.
many options to choose from. Sports are the king of activites with minors in the arts.
Food is basically healthly fare, but sometimes lack flavor or they do not give enough servings to fill you up. Nothing spectacular.
With such a small school everyone pretty much gets along with each other. If someone is mad at someone else, everybody knows about it and usually allow the people involved to work it out and respect each others opinions.
We are given all the latest technology as well as college classes to choose from.
I love the small school I go to. Everyone knows everyone and the student to teacher ratio is good. We are provided with all the latest technology and there is always some activity to do. The teachers and superintendent are always making sure that we are getting all the help we need to succeed!
School Administration are very hands-on with all students and are very active in keeping our school at the top state levels for all academics and sports programs. They are always making sure every student has every opportunity possible. That is why I like my small school!
Most the teachers are very easy going and welling to help. There are a few that are not the best at teaching and their classes are hard to pass. The teachers that are coaches, like to give special treatment to their star players.
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