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The teachers are not helpful most of the time. Only a few teacher really lend a helping hand. The school should help with school spirit and make the campus more beautiful I feel like its very bland.
What I like about this school is the campus and how the teacher care about the students here. The counselors are very informative and get us ready for college.
I would like the meals to change other than that its a good school. The campus is very clean and wide. Its a new school, has been built around 6 years ago. All he teachers are very collaborative and help everyone with what they need.
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Liberty Ranch is an overall great school. All the teachers are very caring and go out of their way to help students. Most students feel comfortable and confident to ask for help. All staff is overall very helpful. The student body is also overall very friendly and looks out for one another. The campus also looks good and clean.
Liberty Ranch was an okay school but I felt lacked a lot. The teachers seem to not care too much about their students and neither do the administration. It is a very safe school however.
It’s a good environment to be in and the teachers help a lot. Also the classes are good, many of times the classes help you understand what colleges ask of you. Teachers help the students with their work and really try to help prepare them.
The staff is almost always helpful and caring for their students! I love the art department and I truly believe that most of the teachers at Liberty are there to help us and see us succeed in the future. However, the science department at Liberty has always been subpar in the several years that I and my siblings have gone through it. From unqualified teachers, to rude teachers, to crazy teachers, the science department needs some help.
It was a new school when I entered. I think it needs more developments so it can expand courses and electives offered.
Being a student at this high school and being here almost 4 years made me realize that you have to enjoy every moment do not get into drama because then toy will make haters and they will start rumors about you and that's not fun at all.
Liberty Ranch is a very clean and involving school. We have good sports teams and a loving staff. It feels like we are all family here. Our leadership program is amazing along with our academics. i truly recommend joining the hawks nest.
My high school experience consists of many many late nights. From taking the most difficult classes along with being involved in a different sport all seasons. Having to put in a ton of hours studying while balancing to make time to attend games and practice. Not only did I participate, but I exceeded as well. I didn't have much time to always go out with friends yet i was involved in school clubs in which they participated with me. Overall high school was a fun stressful four years
There’s not a lot of diversity in ap classes but there is some diversity within the school. It doesn’t have the best science department but it has a pretty decent math department. There are a lot of clubs, and sports available. They also offer after school tutoring and the library is open for about an hour after school and half an hour before school.
I enjoy going to my school but personally I think it needs work to make it look nicer. It also needs to strengthen the science wing of my school.
I have met many teachers who inspire me & my academic goals here. However, I have also found that more than a few of my peers have little respect for others or themselves. Some teachers also show favoritism toward certain students & allow them to break rules that negatively effect others. Some teachers are very political in how they teach: adding comments in lecture, preferential treatment of students that agree, & even political clothes. We are not allowed to access our cars or provided with lockers or a safe storage space place, which forces us to lug all of our belongings around with us all day.
I transferred schools in my Junior year of high school to Liberty Ranch, because I wasn't getting a good enough education at Jim Elliot High School. I am so glad I made the switch. I had some pretty great teachers and I knew I was learning so much more than my previous school. Unlike my old school which had a lot of insincere snobby people, I met so many more people at Liberty Ranch who were much more down to earth. There will always be some drawbacks and one of my closest friends didn't necessarily enjoy her experience as much as I did. The only thing that is a bit frustrating is now in order to visit the school you have to go to the office to receive a visitors pass, which isn't necessary, because that doesn't improve security. Honestly, Galt (CA) is one of the safest places to live. Nothing really ever happens in Galt. Well anyways, I hope this feedback is helpful!
The school campus has a nice environment and the staff are very welcoming. I enjoy my classes and teachers, but there is a lot ignorance among the students when it comes to cultural exchange. Certain groups of people go around and make fun of foreign culture on the campus, and it overall makes the school look bad and unaccepting of others. In the end, the education is good, but student interaction amongst each other is poor.
Liberty Ranch was like any normal high school. The food wasn’t that great, wifi was not good at all, and the facilities were alright. I really liked all of the teachers throughout my high school experience here. They were all really nice and helpful. Although there are a couple that aren’t that good, but other then that I had a good time with the teachers. Another thing that I liked was the school spirit. There were several classes that helped out with this such as Leadership and Link Crew. The best thing at this school was the sports. Our sports teams were amazing. From guys and girls soccer, to guys and girls basketball, to the track and cross country team, as well as our swim team. Some things I would like to see change would be just better technology, and WiFi.
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I would like to see more quality teachers in this school. I think that having more teachers from different parts of the world could really help the diversity of this school in Galt.
The school is ok, but the bathrooms are usually dirty because the other students will ruin the bathrooms as soon as they open for the day. Other than that, the school is ok. Some of the teachers are pretty good, while others rely almost entirely on their favorite students to run.
Many of the teachers don't care about your grades or performance in class. But the teachers in the Agriculture department really care for you like you are family. A good small number of students are genuinely kind and helpful, but this is mostly swarmed by a majority of students who just want to get through high school. The campus is mostly kept clean but the school spirit isn't really there. The school doesn't look at what is needed in the classroom but looks at what the school thinks it needs. Many students feel that they aren't ready for college, or prepared for it. Students feel they should learn life skills in the classroom that will benefit them once they graduate. Instead of giving out certificates for perfect attendance, they should be paying attention to the needs of the future generations that will be or are currently enrolled in Liberty Ranch.
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