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Love the structure of a three week school day. I have heard it really prepared alumni for university life.
Transitioning from a home-based education to a university-model school was one of the greatest decisions of my life. Without a doubt, my parents’ commitment to homeschooling has played an integral role in who I am today. As I approached high school, however, I longed for more peer interaction and greater expertise from teachers. After multiple discussions, my parents eventually agreed, and I made the switch to Liberty Prep. Unexpectedly, it came with three distinct challenges: pioneering new friendships as a sophomore at an established school, adjusting to a more rigorous academic and activities schedule, and prioritizing highly valued family time. With perseverance, courage, and focus on my part, I overcame the anxieties of pursuing friendships, developed the essential skills of time management, and learned the worth of intentionality in relationships. In the end, the lessons I learned over the past three years will serve me very well as I face new challenges throughout life.
Such an amazing Christian school. The staff, teachers, and peers are always there to help your day go smoothly or just to pray with you.
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As a parent, I love being involved in my children's education. I've watched them grow over the years and become so independent with their learning. They are definitely prepared for college or whatever they choose to do in the future. The environment is very encouraging. The theatre department is amazing, and so are the sports, especially for a smaller school. We absolutely love the teachers! I can't put a price on how special it is for them to attend a Christian school where they are loved and Jesus is celebrated.
Liberty Prep is by far the best school I've ever been to. Its academics are superior, its teachers are excellent, and its community is supportive and accepting. I have never once been bullied here, nor have I seen someone being put down. Instead, I regularly see people being encouraged and shown the love of Jesus Christ. While this school may be in a trailer building, and it may be small with not a lot of activities or sports (we do not even have football, so our homecoming is in the spring) we have something that not many other schools can boast. Ours is a tight-knit community that immediately accepts everyone that enters it, and which boasts an abundance of talent that seems to be super-concentrated in our school. Our theater program, the main activity at LPCA, is regularly booming with many eager students. Its productions rival many a larger school's plays.
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The University Model School is a great fit for our family. Both our children attend and they each have very different learning styles. They are both excelling and are challenged academically. The staff is truly what makes this school shine and we are very thankful to have LPCA As our school home.
Our only regret with this school is that we didn’t discover it sooner. All three of our sons thrived here. As a NC Teaching Fellow, I could not be more pleased with the approach of this school to developing learners and college-ready students. I highly recommend this school to students and parents who place a mutually high value on academics and education.
My son is in sixth grade at LPCA this is our second year there.
My son loves to go to school. He enjoys his classes and teachers. As a parent I love that he loves going to school. He has a lot of academic work and he is challenged at LPCA. The school gives students a warm environment. They feel a sense of their fellow students and teachers actually care about them. It is a family driven school with Christian values. My son has excelled at LPCA and we are thankful we are part of it!
Our children have attended this school for more than 6 years. It’s been a wonderful experience!! We love the small class size. My children have teachers that really know them. There is a lot of accessibility to the teachers which is unusual. The academics are challenging so with the cooperation between parents, students and teachers our kids are getting an amazing education in a wonderful environment.
Great academics, good teachers and staff. Small classes. Positive atmosphere.
growing sports program.
Lots of parent involvement. Great school.
I cannot say enough good things about this school and the people that work there. My child has attended for over 3 years now and we are SO glad that we found it. The faculty truly care about their students. They work hard to get to know them and their learning style. They go above & beyond on a daily basis. The admin staff is helpful and caring as well. Do not hesitate to send your child to this school!
Liberty Preparatory Christian Academy not only readies students in academics, but helps them in their walk of faith. In addition, the teachers are always going out of their way to help their students succeed. The community at the school is extremely kind and welcoming to those visiting the school and those who attend there.
LPCA is a private partial-home school. A partial-home school is a school that is on campus for half of the week, while the other half is completed at home online. LPCA for example is on-campus Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Working from home, also known as satellite days, is always done on Wednesdays and Fridays. Besides the stressful amount of homework, I absolutely love this schedule because it gives me the opportunity to focus on improving my art and animation skills due to the extra time outside of class. Something huge this school helped me understand is time management. Being a procrastinator, it has always been something I've struggled with. LPCA has taught me the importance of using time more wisely in a way I don't feel like any other school could. For that, I am very grateful. It may be a small school, in fact there are only fourteen people in my grade, but I feel that LPCA has provided me well through the years and I’m proud to be graduating from this school in 2021.
Liberty Prepatory Christian Academy is an amazing college prep school. It is very unique in that students have two days at home to do their work on their own time. This teaches self discipline and time management skills for college. I have learned how to manage my time to get my school work done and study, but also have free time to do extra-curricular activities. This is truly a one-of-a-kind school and I have loved my experience here.
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