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There are so many options for classes, sports, and clubs that allow everyone to find something they like and enjoy.
Very good at getting everyone involved. My junior year was my best year with fall sports and our student section at football game. Liberty school district was prepared for Covid-19 by establishing virtual snow days and flexible learning.
I really enjoy attending Liberty North High School because I feel they enable me to grow and reach full potential academically. We have a lot of opportunities, classes, and resources that many other schools don't, I feel blessed to go to school here.
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I feel like my school is like every other school, you have your places where you gather with your friends, and the places where athletes hangout at, but I just don't think my school is that diverse. I don't think it's the schools fault it's just liberty as a whole, it's not a place with a whole lot of different people. Other than lack of diversity liberty north gives you a lot of options when it comes to picking classes and finding places to study at. North is really good at handling social conflict and safety, but I feel north's most enticing aspect is it's athletic program and it's coaching staff. The program I feel prepared me more for growing up.
I loved every minute of my time as an Eagle. I participated in Symphonic Orchestra, Student Council, National Honors Society, and many AP and college credit courses. Our principal, Dr. Marty Jacobs, (now retired) was one of the greatest human I've ever had the opportunity of meeting. Ms. Brownlee is also a very influential instructor, as I still use the skill obtained from her College Composition classes. I had more opportunities that I could fit into my schedule, and for that I am beyond grateful. I wish I had more assistance readying myself for life beyond high school, but it is very easy to get wrapped up in the now. The counseling staff at Liberty North is an incredible team of professionals whom I could not have graduated without. For any parents considering moving within the Liberty School District boundaries, I HIGHLY recommend living in the Liberty North High School area.
There are excellent opportunities here to grow and expand your knowledge. Some students can be awful, but besides those rough spots its smooth sailing.
Liberty North has its problems and therefore is more of a 3.5. There are abundant AP classes, Honors, Advanced and college prep classes you can take and generally the teachers are excellent. Next year they are adding an AP Geography course which I wish I would have been able to take in my time here but oh well. The culture places an emphasis on finding a place where you belong whether that is Theatre, Sports, Music or any variety of club available. Some of the negatives are that this school lacks diversity. It is a practically all white suburb and therefore the knowledge of culture is limited. This is further accentuated by a World History curriculum that focuses primarily on the European contribution to the world. Love it for extra curricular though.
I know many times that students have gone to administration and they haven't been helped, or given much of a chance to get help.
I think this school is great, the teachers are half decent, I like most of my classes and the sports in this district are great. we just almost won state with our football team and all the other sports are well funded and well-coached.
My school is a good environment to learn in. We have a lot of new things happening and we have top of the line equipment to use for our classes.
Liberty North High School is an amazing school. My parents have many rescores to be involved in my schooling. The school has given me so many opportunities to do so many things that I never thought I'd do. Overall the school is great. But there is not very diversity at all.
It's a nice school! It's kept nice and is nearly brand new, with new expansions. The majority of teachers are great, talking and making connections with the students. Teachers will take time out of their day to help students, and you can tell that they love what they do. The school is able to provide lots of amazing options to gain college experience and credit hours for juniors and seniors. They prepare freshmen and sophomores for the ACT by providing the PreACT every year, and prep classes for the ACT and SAT. Although the school can be crowded, the building is constantly being expanded to combat the problem; they've just added a new wing.
I have been at North for two years now and I would say that this school overall has great options for clubs, sports, and other activities. North has great school spirit and Eagle Pride. I would like to see improvement in the overall inclusiveness of North. Many people aren't open to making new friends.
Liberty North High School is overall a good school. However, I would like to see improvement in the culture. As the school is newer there are not many traditions and the ones that there are do not involve every student. Along with this, not many people get excited about what should be fun like spirit days and dances.
I love how involved you can get in all the clubs, classes and activities that Liberty North offers. The teachers help to get everyone involved!
I enjoyed my time at Liberty North High School, I am excited to see the future of this school and the changes that have been made. For only being open for 9 years this school has a good start and it making necessary improvements to better learning and the environment of the school. I hope that they can continue forward with these improvement making their school even better. The biggest struggle this school faces is the political system. Favorites are often chosen making it hard for some students to succeed.
My experience at Liberty Public Schools as been extraordinary, these schools have a ton of school people and the community all come together as a family. You really know how to get around and if you don't there is always someone there seeking to help someone. This school district has really formed how I look at daily tasks and my responsibilities as a Liberty Public School senior. The way this school has shaped me as a person is unremarkable.
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LNHS is a very friendly school where everyone is nice to each other. It is not that big and is only over 10 years old.
I enjoyed the teachers at this school; none were uptight or unfair in any way, and most if not all cared about student success. One thing I wish would change about Liberty North is the overdependence of the school's image of football and basketball. Sports have overtaken the arts to the point where the art gallery was replaced with an athletic directing office for no apparent reason. If the school's administration rewarded thought and creativity and not just athleticism, the environment would have been much better.
Liberty North is an amazing school, I transferred here my sophomore year of highschool and although it was very different I felt very welcomed by everyone. The school has a very good education and plenty of different outlets for success.
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