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It's a good school with good teachers and administration however the students are rude and impolite and the administration knows about this but they do not do anything about it and the math curriculum is old and out dated
Has a lot of student diversity. There are also many different electives students can take in order to prepare for their high school careers. Liberty Middle school provides courses that prepares students for the rigorous classes that they could possibly encounter in High School.
Ok, well, the teachers are all generally pretty good. If you are a good student, they will be good to you, it's as simple as that. But sometimes they just give way to many assignments when they know. Some classes are genuinely interesting and fun, but that's just the thing. The classes are fun, but the students in the class..? They ruin the whole thing sometimes. It's either make or break.
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Students are so cliquey and stuck-up so it's very hard to make new friends. I don't know if it's just kids these days but it seems that almost everyone at Liberty makes disturbing, inappropriate comments for their age. Most of the teachers are nice and most of them can teach the material very well. Unfortunately they don't have sports teams. They only have after-school clubs where you can play sports and you only play a couple of games a year. People are always fighting and the school does not take enough disciplinary actions. They don't allow you to carry your backpack so you have to always go back to your locker to get your books. Sometimes because of that people are late for class especially when you have to travel all the way to the other side of the school.
I like Liberty Middle School (LMS) because it's a well structured school. There are always teachers who's only goal is to make you succeed in life and some who just love working with middle school students. Even though their food is exceptional, every day I look forward to a new day and strive for learning.
It was okay. The teachers were usually a hit or miss. They don't allow backpacks in classrooms, which means kids have to run around the school.
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