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Liberty Middle School Reviews

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Staff and administration is corrupt and rules are very strict, I would rather live in an active warzone than here. It would probably improve my quality of life significantly.
Extreme bullying happens daily here. Faculty does nothing to stop the bullying. The bathrooms are disgusting all the time. The teachers are just as immature as the kids who attend here. Dont let the pretty new building fool you. Also, the kids test results are at a much lower than other school in the area. Avoid this school.
At Liberty, we have a very nice building as it is very new but besides that, there are not many good things to say about it, you can be punished for the smallest things possible, I agree with many others that have reviewed Liberty on Niche that It has good facilities and terrible teachers, they are some of the worst I've ever had. I'll be glad when I finally get to leave this place.
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Overall the building and facilities are very good and became ruined from all the hippocracy that I experienced there, not the best place in the world.
It’s a great school with great teachers. Who really like to push you to do your best and give your great help and even give you advice through tough times. One thing that needs to change is how the school over all operates staff expect very high expectations and it gets annoying because you really have to act like you are a saint. You can get in trouble by doing the slightest thing like holding hands with someone or having out your phone. like it was never that serious. Overall it is a great school with students who care and like to succeed it's a very loving community.
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