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Many children attending Liberty are bullied, especially, if they are physically different and socially awkward. Some children in the advanced classes have a more positive experience than those who don't. Non academically advanced kids will be surrounded by more kids who bully, swear, fight, take harmful substances, share improper images on their phones, and talk back to teachers, with little to no repercussions. There are kids who have made teachers cry. Anti-bullying policies at the school arent being enforced because staff is overwhelmed or not concerned. While the administrators do admit there are problems, they have a "this is a normal part of being in middle school" attitude. Parents have literally come down to the school to address issues with no support from administration. Meanwhile, there are children painfully attending school each day with decreased self-esteem and self worth issues because they have no outlet from the bullying.
There has always been security measures taken when tornadoes, threats have been made. Bullying has been seen many times and was struggled to be detained. This school is safe for part of the time, there is teachers all over the school and security guards guarding most the doors. Students are clear to what to and what not to bring.
I played basketball and soccer, many other schools for soccer they competed against each other which Liberty did not offer. Basketball coaches were very distracted most the time and were not very strict with game plans. When student was injured most the time the players were ignored for the rest of the game. When other teams were being rude, coaches would encourage cussing and bad manners back.
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I probably wouldn't choose this school after my experience. I love this school, this is where i met all my friends and connected with several teachers that are special to me. Sadly many adult figures did not realize I was being bullied in 6th grade. Sixth grade was a hard grade for me, school was hard and students were hard to deal with. My favorite class in 6th grade that I always loved to attend was reading, because not only was the teacher kind but the way the literature was expressed made me feel as if I was in another planet.
Most of the teachers know how to teach and how to deliver the material to the students. Though they know how to deliver the content to the students, their consistency to grade is very poor. They assign one paper that is not due for a month, and 3 months later the paper is still not graded. The teachers are very nice and understanding, most take extra time for those who need it most. When there is a student needing extra help they take their time to help them. Although they are friendly, they can be strict when it comes to grades and extra credit. They help students try and get their work done but do not do it for them which helps students develop responsibility.
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