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Liberty Middle/High School Reviews

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I had an average experience i learned a lot from the school as i got to my sophomore year i started joining the drama club and made some more friends i don't really have anything to complain about it's pretty good school considering the area i am in where there is nothing really here.
Liberty has a wide variety of sports. There are not as many clubs which is appalling. The food in this school is terrible almost not edible. The guidance department is also not the best. No one knows we have a school phycologist and they are not really helpful. Has a bad attitude towards students who are looking for help. This school also doesn’t have a variety of classes like drama or any other language other than Spanish.
I loved the community driven atmosphere filled with school spirit that made my time there memorable. I was able to build close relationships with all of my teachers because they were very understanding.
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My experience in liberty high school has been an overall decent one. Most of the teachers are very invested in their students and try to aid the students in whatever ways they can wether that be staying after for extra help or one on one study sessions. The student life isn’t the best but most of us work cohesively to make sure that liberty is a good place to be
Good variety of classes. Lots of diversity. But lacks in some areas of actual learning. Do to a lot of Spanish speaking people, classes are thought at a slow pace and coming from some where else you fall ahead.
Most of the teachers are nice and teach very well. We have a lot of programs. We could have better lunch though.
Liberty has a small school feel and offers a lot of support to its students! The administration is super involved with the students and they always make time for every problem that a student could have. The guidance department is so amazing! They do their best to help every student achieve exactly what they are looking to do after high school.
It was a good school to attend. The administration changed several times throughout my high school career. The school needs more college level classes and advanced courses. Liberty was a very diverse school which many Spanish and African American students attend. The athletics at liberty are also nice as we have sports like soccer, football, softball, wrestling and golf. The administration is very friendly and helpful, as are the teachers. The campus is nice but many of the sports fields are not playable at the moment
Well as classes I feel I learn a lot, but the school itself I always feel unsafe for the lack of security. I made great friends! The food isn’t good.
Liberty School district is a district with hope.Many needs as it is a poorer community with a very diversified community.With students taking a hold of the reigns their could be hope.
My son has been bullied his whole time in school.It's disgusting what kids and teachers get away with and unfortunately my son's lifestyle has been affected.I never thought I'd have to be ok with my son having to stand up for himself but if he is physically hit then defend yourself.My son has also needed to defend friends for reasons of friendship.I can't believe things I've witnessed.When you have to call the cops to protect your child at school because the school can't seem to care it's disgraceful.
When we sent our son to this school district we had high hopes for a good education in a small rural school.We found out they were far from challenging for a bright child and let them stray as they felt there knowledge didn't matter.After years of name calling and bullying our son wound up with several concussions from gym which led to tv I our son is happy to at least find his love if learning in auto tech. within a boces class.He hopes to continue on to vocational classes after graduation to prove he's not a slacker.
The teachers at Liberty central school district are the kind of teachers who want be there and want to help u succeed. All the teachers are very well educated and know how to get kids understanding the materials. The teacher at the school are maybe the best teacher I have ever had and I was glad to have them as my teachers.
The is an officer that walks around the building. Everybody does their best to help keep the school safe, but they don't always catch everything.
Everybody usually tries to work together and make the school great. It is one of the better schools in the area, I believe. However, there is not much competition because of the small area.
All the teachers try to help their students. They also do their best to keep people engaged.
forensics is a very interesting class . we have been able to talk to different cops about how they do investigations on the scenes and how the dogs look for clues. the work load is very light. we may have to look for articles on different cases. this class dose not really have a lot of kids. you really have to have a strong stomach for this class. some things you see really make you sick to your stomach.
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the safety program is very important here they are watching every day for different things in the school. the doors are locked so strangers cann't enter the building. they do special drug dog seachers of lockers. the health programs are very interesting . we learn a lot of different health things on diesaes and pills. we learn what some of the different drugs can do to your body if you should take them. we have cameras in all hallways so they can watch the safety of the students.
there are many after school clubs .they have chess club, art club, dj clubs, and many more. there are many after school activites for students to do. there is a lot of support from the school officals in these different clubs and activites.

you have to be passing to be involved in some of these clubs. others are like a social group for students to get to getheer and make friends.
they have a very good athletic football team. I enjoyed playing football with the different kids from our school and the other schools. we had a very exciting year by going to play in the championship games .

I like forsenic class where they show us how the dogs go and look for drugs and how the dogs track looking for people.

I would choose this school again if I had to cause I have a lot of good times and memories from there. I will miss it when I graduate.
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