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Liberty Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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It’s a small school, so students have a lot of one-on-one time with teachers and faculty. Teachers here make an enormous effort to connect with students. The environment here is so learner driven and learner friendly. Students have a fair day in their classes, extracurriculars, sports and clubs, and nobody is left out.
What I liked about Liberty Junior Senior High School was the helpfulness of the teachers and their ability to help students better understand not only what they teach, but what others teach as well. The students are also very involved with sports and other academic programs, as well as extra curricular activities, such as band, chorus, Student Council, FBLA, FFA, and Youth Leaders of Tomorrow.
There is a large mix of Teachers. Some are really amazing and go out of their way to help you while others barely teach class.
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Some teachers are very helpful and can help you out if you are struggling but some teachers don't really care as much as other teachers
Some fridays we have the last period of the day to do things with our clubs
Many of the students at the school are involved in sports
I loved every teacher I ever had; even the ones that I hated.
Liberty was a melting pot of different people from all walks of life. The personal life of students is not an area I wish to judge.
Liberty was known for it's diversity.
Most of the teachers at Liberty were helpful.
I haven't been there in some time, but it was always rumored that the people who supplied our food also supplied food for the local prisons. You'd hope that would mean that we were all eating well... But we weren't.
Our principals changed around a bit, but the fundamentals stayed the same.
Liberty was amazing. Not everyone is as fortunate, and cannot move out or go to top-tier colleges/universities because the cost of attendance is way too high.
Sports are everything at Liberty. At least football is.
I rarely used the bus system at Liberty, but they weren't horrible.
Liberty High School was a great school. I was lucky to attend.
Liberty does not have a public safety or security officers. But I think this is okay because nothing bad ever happens. It's very rare to ever hear anything about drug or alcohol possession in school. The school nurse does routine check ups for eye and hearing tests, lice and weight/height.
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The principal of the school was always helpful and involved in the school. He would pop in at times in class and just talk to the class. He would get to know your name and come to sporting events. The guidance counselor knows you by name and so does the office staff. Bullying isn't that common it's usually just fist fighting. Dress code has many restrictions as finger tip length shorts, no pajamas, no cut offs or low cut shirts. However not everything is caught and different colored dyed hair is acceptable.
Teachers at Liberty Jr./Sr. really care for their students and you can tell because of the one-on-one time each student gets. The teachers use a variety of teaching styles from lecturing, examples on Smartboard, homework, in-class activities, etc. Every teacher knew what they were teaching and could answer any questions asked by students. Grading was consistence as long as you did your work.
Only had one line to get your meal. For lunch you had options to get what was on the menu for that day or a salad or a hot sandwhich or a peanut butter and jelly or leftovers from the previous day. I wish there were more options but the salads weren't bad and always had a veggie, fruit and dessert to get everyday along with the main meal.
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