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Liberty Hill Middle School Reviews

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I'm a student who attends it right now and I love it so much except the part when you get to go outside just like elementary school children.
Liberty Hill was a phenomenal middle school with excellent staff and students that made the learning experience fun as well as effective. This school has high quality teachers that are there for the students success and are easy to work with when it comes to the students. Overall a great place to attend.
It is very strict and very much so enforced. If there is a problem, they fix it.
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It is a nice school, but it could definitely use some improvement
It was a really great school, the one thing i wash was different, was that there was less bullying
The gym and sports teachers are very encouraging. Unlike other schools, we actually work out.
The teachers are amazing and are always there to help us. They spend their own pocket money to help us and they stay after school,using their own time, to help us.
There is a lot of diversity, which in turn can come with bullying and fights. But all of that just helps us prepare for high school and learn that everyone is different and we cant expect people to be how we think they should be.
I was involved in many after school activities and there were more that i was not involved in. In each club there is at the least of one teacher who is actively engaged and involved in it with the students. I think this is what made my school years better was the sense of connection.
In this school, health can be taken seriously. But when it comes to bullying, nothing is done. I was bullied throughout my time there and nobody ever did anything. I dont blame the school because they had a lot to deal with, instead i blame parents. However, i do think that the school could have at least attempted to stop it.
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