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Liberty Hill High School is a very broad school that has opportunities for everyone. The staff makes sure to take care of their students and make sure they're all attended for and successful past high school. The clubs and organizations are very organized and the coach's care about their athletes and makes sure they're healthy and good to compete.
I like the culture a lot and more so the sports program. I played soccer all four years and loved every second of it. I wouldn't recommend a change in this school.
For the most part, Liberty Hill High School is a good school. It's safe, and has good teachers. Like most schools, it has some problems with organization and turnover rate of (good) teachers, but for the most part has a solid system that let me get a good education. The advanced classes have really good teachers, and there's a marked interest in holistic learning (though the follow through is somewhat inadequate).
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Liberty Hill High-school is a hit or miss. The teachers are also hit or miss. You have the ones who want you to succeed and the ones who don’t care; the ones who don’t do not help you become college and upper level classes ready. The upper administration is oblivious to their surroundings and the things that actually go on in this school.
Liberty Hill focused more on athletics than academics and put football before everything and anything else. Education was mediocre at best and many teachers were there to coach and not to teach. The students were racist and more into social status and rank. However, they were not willing to work for the higher rankings in class and would cheat and help each other cheat.
I liked the way teachers were always involved, or tried to be, I would like to see more effort from the teachers to encourage school spirit in ways that are more exciting and interesting to students to enjoy.
The people here are nice and generally very helpful. Sometimes we have teachers who aren't quite prepared to work with kids. The football program is very good and we enjoy going to the games!
I love the teachers and the school subjects and diversity of science classes. However, I wish our school had a better scholarship program and college readiness. It would benefit the students greatly and encourage more students to go to college.
I like that there are some teachers that actually care about the students and I like that there are many career opportunities offered.
Teachers were very good. They care about their students. Small town with a great school system. The school system handled the growth effects of the town well.
Liberty Hill High School is very involved within the community. There is always a community pep rally, performance, worship, dinner, or gathering. I really like that you are able to represent what you are involved in in school for the entire town.
I loved everything about my experience at Liberty Hill High School. I had lived in Liberty Hill fro the first 17 years of my life so I definitely felt the hometown feel. I was involved in cross country and cheerleading. We were very successful in both sports and the school spirit is always amazing!
Pt 2- Additionally. everything revolves around football. Everyone at school gets drug tested except the football players? The administration just does nothingWhenever I went to a counselor in the midst of a breakdown she told me she could not help right now and was chatting with a colleague (she emailed me over a week later). I feel alone at school, like many others. I cried in class almost everyday for months and I never had one word said to me by another student or teacher. I still cry in class and nothing is said to me. I hope they can improve this epidemic. There are teachers that have put me down on many occasions and made me cry bc of them hitting sensitive points in my life. I wish that there were people I could go to for help.. and others. Most kids are depressed and stressed because of the school, yet when they go anywhere for help you just get in trouble for leaving class and disrupting your education. It's a poor excuse for a education and support system.
Pt 1-I'm a senior at lhhs and it has been quite an awful experience for me. I have been bullied quite a bit especially in the last year. I had gone to admin and counselors and nothing was ever done for me. My parents emailed numerous times about this and nothing was ever done. Dont get me wrong, there are some good traits at this school like 3 of the teachers and some new admin this year, but that is all.
I would like the class periods to stay consistent as they would change the schedule every year. There is not enough time in class to do work. However, the classes were sometimes very challenging and would get you ready for college. The people are very nice and welcome you with open arms
Liberty Hill High School is a very reliable school. It is a great place that families can trust and put faith in. Overall, I have had a very pleasant experience. The teachers are kind-hearted and have servant hearts. They put care and time into their lessons and aim to help students in areas they struggle in and want to improve in. The counselors in particular were one of the reasons my high school experience was good. I always knew I could talk to them about anything that was bothering me or come to them for help in anything.
I’ve only been here for a couple a months and i can already see the big drug problem and that some teachers don’t actually teach.
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I am a senior currently attending Liberty hill high school; the high school has a lot extracurriculars to choose from like sociology, medical classes, and even cooking classes! The environment is nice and freindly, the only problem is that som of the people are not. in just a few months there has been over five fight that has happened in school, and a handful of students racist against blacks and mexicans; but this kind of behavior can occur at any school. overall the school provides a good education and has some excellent sports teams.
This school has it perks, but if you don't love football or like to stay out of sports then you will be part of a minority. The academics are good here but could be better.
My experience at Liberty Hill High School has been a pretty average. I think this school is very nice but it lacks character and involvement. I have never felt like this school has prepared me for college. The most important thing to the school is Their football team and they put a lot of money into them. I also never felt like there were many clubs that were available for students and if there was they weren't made very public for student to get involved with. Overall my experience at this school was decent but there are many things I wish could have been different.
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