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I took all Advanced courses and eventually College courses while at Liberty. I liked that I was given the opportunity to participate in said college courses, as many schools do not provide the same opportunity. However, the quality of the advanced courses at Liberty should have been better, especially with the teaching styles of the teachers. Teacher evaluations need to be more thorough, as I found that according to standards at other schools, the behavior of some teachers at Liberty would not be tolerated in their classrooms.
The diversity of the school is great, quite a bit of different religions, and people.
Academics depend on the teacher you get, usually some come for the experience, and leave for better jobs.
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Usually the school health and safety is good as gold.
Currently attending, this school isn't as bad as it seems. The school is quite good in academics, only if you take advanced classes. Some teachers from each department are a plus though, as they will take the time to listen to you if you need extra help, or are having real life issues.
Whether an advanced student or not, you will have a mix of teachers, as they tend to come and go, due to the low pay.
Liberty is the lowest paid school around here, so we lose a lot of teachers and get inexperienced, new ones. I wouldn't choose to go here again based on the fact of the teaching skill, (I could get a better education elsewhere), and we get a lot of trouble-makers. Overall, it's not the worst, but I would choose somewhere else where there are better opportunities provided.
The overall quality of the teachers is slowly dwindling as the years go by. From my experience, the teaching has been adequate. The teaching styles are decent, some better than others. Most teachers do know what they're teaching. Some teachers do take part in clubs and events and some teachers do help with struggling students. Consistency in grading is mostly good. Some teachers let their emotions or a bad day get in the way of grading, and I know that has hurt a lot of student's grades.
It used to be better but the students just don't care like they used to.
We are one of the most diverse schools I have ever seen. Many races and many people who idenify with a different sexuality.
Some of them really know what they are doing and love their job but some are just here for the money.
There are times that it is very dirty and smells very horrible.
The school doesn't care about any of the extracurriculars that we offer anyway.
About 40% of the students just dont care anymore.
I surely wouldn't have my kids go here but when I first started it was good but it all mainly changed when I was in the third grade. It's sad that I couldn't rate school higher than this.
There are many organizations and after school activities available for students. I was involved in a lot and had so much fun. These organizations and activities also allow students to take charge while having fun and making friends.
The administration picks and chooses which policies they really want to enforce. There are several policies in place but some students get a pass compared to others.
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I never bought the school lunch. The food was disgusting and had poor flavor. I packed everyday, but the only good thing they had was the microwaves.
Overall I enjoyed my time at Liberty, but I feel like I could've been exposed to better. As far as what the school could offer.
After graduating high school I personally was fine with dealing with "real world" problems, but not onlu because of the school, but my parents mainly. My high school focused heavy on what is needed to graduate. (i.e. English, math etc)
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