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Liberty High School is an incredible school in the middle of Eldersburg that is full of spirit and a great source for academics and learning. I really enjoyed the four years I attended Liberty and I made hundreds of memories with friends and acquaintances in the hallways and classrooms. However, there are very few traditions, currently, compared to when my brother attended a few years ago. What happened?
liberty high school. its a great school to have your kids go to. The teachers are amazing. The Administration it depends on who you get. They have lots of clubs and activities. A lot of kids parents do get involved in the School activities so if you like being involved. definitely a school to go to. The sports are amazing. in my class we had a sporty and smart class so it was awesome.
The college readiness is poor. There are times where there academic counselors throw students and teachers under the bus. A lot of time the academic counselors do not do their work because they failed to send transcripts to colleges within deadline. Another part is the failure to react with mental health issues. They have a mindfulness room which is great, but they will not allow certain students in the room. Another part is that they will only allow a student to use the room for 5 minutes instead of 10-15 minutes. The teachers are amazing and are supportive to their students. They do their best to teach and it shows. The diversity is very poor. This school is predominantly white.
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It is a really good school with rigorous classes and very talented teachers. The community is very nice and the students are friendly.
It's a pretty good school, with a lot of activitve learning. The biggest downside it the administration, I never had a good experience with them. Most of them are like they are better then everyone else here. However, you can go most days with not interacting with administration. The food is the standard American lunch, so it better to pack. There a lot more focus on stem majors them humanities major, that can be seen as a positive or a negative.
I attended Liberty High School and I like it for the most part. The teachers care about you and they are also very good at their job. Those wishing to take AP and Honors courses can succeed here. The sports teams and clubs are open for new members and they are all welcoming. I played three sports (soccer and indoor and outdoor track) and I was in multiple clubs at Liberty. I was difficult at first to manage my time but I eventually got the hang of it. One thing I do not like about Liberty is the sexism that takes of the sports teams as well as the favoritism played by the althetic director and others.
The teachers are very dedicated to making sure the students learn well. There is a hub for every interest and so many opportunities that help students out. The staff are very good at what they do and the student climate is a great one to be in. Students here are career driven and have high priorities with themselves.
What I like about Liberty High School are the advanced academics and the involvement of the staff to help prepare students for college readiness. The school has provided multiple events throughout the year to give an insight to students who are curious about a career path that they wish to follow. Not only through these events do Liberty High School students learn more about what they want to do when they grow up. But, there is an opportunity for students that are eligible to dual-enroll to a career and technology center that offers special programs for the county. Through my experience in dual-enrolling, this has been a fantastic experience and has built my knowledge more on what I want to learn about my career choice. The only thing that I would want to see a change in Liberty High School are the lack of fundraiser turn-outs that have occurred. There has been little participation in these events, so that shows the relationship between school and students is one way and not mutual.
Liberty High School is full of amazing teachers who work hard in order for their students to be the best that they can be.
The teachers are supportive and overall it's a good learning environment. Students are prepared for college and the real world and excel through the variety of additional programs offered here. However, the school is old and has some problems from the aging of the building. Overall a decent school with kids that are very driven and determined to succeed.
There were many issues with administration not acting on issues such as racism and homophobia, but the staff are very good at dealing with the issues. Students are typical high schoolers. The building had some issues such as mildew and water quality but they have been addressed and fixed by admin.
Staff and students there are very easy-going and helpful! I liked the fact that most teachers truly desire to help other students. They should work on organizing new curriculum and unprecedented classes.
I had I would say a fairly average high school experience at Liberty High School. The best part about my experience was that I was involved in the Varsity Tennis team. There I was able to truly grow as a person through the wonderful instruct of my brilliant coaches and teammates. The school was a fairly safe environment with a limited amount of bullying and fights. Although while I was going there the school had a no-backpack rule the decided to change it and let the students carry backpacks which I found to be a great decision. The teachers overall were pretty nice and helpful although I did not feel that my Spanish language knowledge grew very much since middle school even though I completed all classes through AP Spanish.
It is one of the top performing public high schools in Carroll County School district. I love that the parents are very involved. It also provides opportunities for every student to obtain college credit with the Carroll Community Technical Center In Westminster MD while in High School.
Liberty High School is an exceptional public school. The teachers and staff at the Liberty are very good teachers that all want to see their students succeed and try their hardest to make that happen. Liberty also has a lot of opportunities for students to join a sport or a club of their choice that they may be interested in, overall the school has a very good learning environment and gives plenty of opportunities for student to succeed.
Liberty High School is an amazing establishment, if you want it to be. The teachers are amazing, there's plenty of clubs and activities to get involved in, and the culture is completely conducive to making friends, if you have a good attitude and positive mentality.
I would some of the school to be improved and it is pretty old, but the school population is very nice and overall pretty welcoming.
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What I like about liberty high school is a lot of students go to the athletic games which is a lot of fun during the school year and is a good way to take a break and relax with all of the schoolwork that you may have. The teachers are all pretty good for the most part and are really supportive and are there to help you if you are in need of extra help which is something that is really important to a lot of people so if that matters to you then know that your teachers are there to give and offer extra help when needed.
The teachers are amazing but the school has some issues such as the bathrooms being dirty and some problems within the community of students. Teachers prepared me for college and everything I need to succeed for College and the "Real World." There are clubs for everyone and anyone and every club is inclusive. Many opportunities to succeed and try out new things.
Very good learning experience; had access to a variety of clubs and sports to get involved. Teachers are nice and willing to help you. However, it seems that some students are given more opportunities than others (Varies by counselor, grade, gender, academic achievement, and sport)
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