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Overall I feel that Liberty High School is a better than average school that has strong athletic and music departments and did a good job of preparing me for college.
Liberty High School is a very strong community with some amazing teachers. For such a small school, the academics are very good. However, there are not many clubs or activities that students can be involved in, but the ones offered are supported by the community and fun. Overall a great school with a great supportive community.
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I love it here! Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to switch schools. Great community and fans.
I had a great 2 years in this school. If I had the chance to go through it again, I definitely would! My teachers were all really nice and welcoming when I first got there and my schoolmates were all awesome.
I like liberty for the community in the arts departments. We were a family. Most teachers were nice and taught well however, Liberty has hired teachers that don't know what their doing before or doesn't understand how to ingage students. The principle and the staff are wonderful, they respect and make an effort for you to feel safe. But this school mostly white. So there has been threats and racial slurs said that the school handled well. I wish there was a more welcoming atmoshere for other cultures. Also the ability to branch out when reading books. I didn't read much diverse books till senoir year. So Liberty has pros and cons about it. Over all, I had a good time there and the exsperiences have made me who I am today. A proud smart, latina graduate.
I have gone to Liberty School District from kindergarten through my senior year. I have been treated with courtesy and respect the eternity of the time. Liberty high school has provided me with countless opportunities to learn and grow in a positive way. On a constant basis, over 95 percent of Liberty students graduate each year. Liberty has wonderful teachers who help students have positive attitudes and enthusiasm about learning. Liberty's sports and extracurricular clubs have created a winning environment and culture. Coaches and advisers work hard to make everyone feel included and safe. Liberty's campus has recently undergone a full high quality renovation. I feel a that Liberty has prepared me for my collage education and career.
I loved the family feel of the school and the competitive nature. The teachers and other school officials made my high school experience very enjoyable. The student body was very supportive and involved and the athletes were great people as well as students. I think that, (as a student athlete myself) the student athletes get the help and guidance that they need to succeed and prepare themselves for their futures. The teachers are understanding of all students and know how to relate to many different types of students and I feel that all students feel personally and emotionally supported at Liberty.
Liberty is great if you're looking for a small community and a great athletics program, but with the small and close knit community comes a few problems. Everyone is involved with your business, and drama is common. The staff are half and half. Some you'll love, others you'll hate. Typical high school, but with a better education
Loved all the teachers and staff, was always known by name even though I was rarely in attendance due to my involvement in the running start program they offered.
I was a student athlete throughout my 4 years at Liberty High School. I was known to be a great soccer player at Liberty High. However, I am a also a student athlete minority, therefore, I felt like an outsider looking in on an majority white campus, so inclusiveness was difficult for Liberty to achieve. This goes the same for graduation, when students amongst their peers are divided by academic cords and stoles represented by their GPA throughout their 4 years. By doing so, this defeats the purpose in striving to make progress in creating an environment with solidarity amongst staff and students. I believe that each student should have the opportunity to have a stole around their neck to complete the feeling of accomplishment of high school. This is the change that I would like to see at Liberty High School because a small change can greatly make a big difference.
Liberty High School is a very close community where everyone knows everyone. It's a great school to go too.
Liberty High School encourages academic success and provides lots of support and resources through its counseling and administrative staff. Yet, the culture at Liberty is very GPA-oriented and students have created a competitive atmosphere that prioiritizes their grades over their health. I would like to change this competitive culture so that students encourage each other to succeed not only academically, but also emotionally and physically.
Liberty high school was a good place with good community. The teachers could have been a bit more versed in the curriculum though.
This school is very safe in regards to student health as well as the overall well-being of the students. There is rarely ever a bullying incidence and when there is, it is quickly resolved and usually points to an underlying issue rather than just bullying.
The extracurricular activities at this school are nothing short of great! They provide so many different opportunities and a multitude of different clubs to join as well as teams to join. Some of these clubs and teams are the Future Business Leaders of America, in which I was a part of for all four years, knowledge bowl, of which I was on for three years as well as the team captain in the last year.
Due to the small size of this school, you quickly begin to meet everybody who you go to school with which gives you a wide range of friends to mingle with as well as nearly never seeing a stranger in the hallway. Atop of that, the size also helps to bring engagement from the students to activities; whether that is sports or academic extracurriculars.
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We have nice facilities and a caring guidance counselor
Most of the staff at Libertty really care and truly understand the concept of mutual respect which I find incredible
The school and/or booster club only really care about the highest revenue sports (basketball, volleyball), and they get the new uniforms and special treatment versus non-revenue sports (softball, baseball), which is understandable but still frustrating.
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