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Loved the teachers. Great soccer and football programs. The teachers were very easy to learn from and easy to form a great working relationship with.
I like all the different choices of electives that the students have. My daughter really enjoys being in the band and it has been a very important aspect in her time at the school. I feel that I have had any questions answered that I have needed.
Liberty is a pretty good school. The facilities are functional for school and they have great facilitators for the campus. The student body was unified and rallied during events. In the past, liberty was focused on sports but now has huge Choir, Band, Theatre, and Dance groups. The majority of the students and staff are great! But, the reality of high school and life in general is that people are going to be people. So I’m going to avoid judging the school by how some of the students and teachers acted. The school, like most, has things that are going to be outdated, but not many schools have the funding to upgrade every six months. Overall, my experience of liberty was good.
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I love my school don’t get me wrong. But there are a lot of improvements that could be made. We need tastier food. We have 3 areas you can get food: the cafeteria which has awful food and forces you to get vegetables (which most people throw away), the student store that just has junk food, and the outside cafeteria which is a mix. I think our school /district should invest in better tasting food, so people waste less. The district wastes so much money in food going in the trash. With a better budget they could make the students happy and want to eat vegetables. I also think this money would help with the equality of sports. Football, gets most of the funds with new equipment every year. Whereas softball (and other girl sports) have to reuse old equipment. We also need an adulting course/home ec; coming out of high school you have no idea how to do taxes, get insurance, eventually your mortgage, sew on a button, buying a car, budgeting, etc.
I would recommend Liberty for just about all aspects. I played football and then did track m field. I’m going to NAU and feel like I am very prepared due to my attending this school
I would like to see more personal interactions between counselors and the students, as well as more mental health resources.
Great high school experience! I am a 2019 graduate and enjoyed spending all four years of high school here. Many teachers are passionate about the classes they teach and care about their students. The extracurriculars were a lot of fun and many of the advisors and coaches are very supportive!
What I liked about Liberty High School was the way the campus felt. The campus was very welcoming and warm.
I have been at Liberty High School all four years of high school. From freshman year, I felt at home. With welcoming teachers and amazing peers, it is truly an amazing environment to learn and grow as a student. There is an amazing faculty at Liberty that never lets teachers or students down. I was a student athlete at Liberty all four years, playing volleyball. Every teacher understood the long nights of homework, but never failed us as students by pushing us to be the best student athletes we can be. Liberty is very big in being respectful to other schools and our peers. This has created a great environment to create life-long friendships, and a happy and healthy learning environment as well. Tutoring is always offered from every teacher before or after school, and even on game days for athletes that need to cram in a study session. Liberty high school is one of the best high schools to attend as a student.
This is my first year at Liberty and I've felt very welcome by everyone here. The counselors have done a great job helping me schedule my classes and helping me pick classes that would best benefit me and my future career goals.
I have enjoyed being a part of Liberty High School very much. There is a lot of emphasis on exploring interests and the guidance counselors are very helpful with giving advice. I participated in a lot of the arts classes such as photography, ceramics, and culinary because they were well funded and had amazing instructors.
My experience at Liberty was amazing! The staff and teachers throughout all 4 years have been amazing. Freshmen year, sophomore and junior year had helped me expand my horizons to what options are out there. It was super eye-opening for me in terms of having an idea of what I want to do for a possible career choice. Not only did I meet new friends, but I learned so much. I learned so much about good bed side manner and even the human body. Junior year and senior year have been my favorite, yet the most challenging. Lastly, the coaching staff and girls for volleyball made my four years all worth it. The growth for Liberty's volleyball program will always leave a huge impact on me. Thank you Liberty for the amazing experiences and memories that will last a lifetime. Once a lion always a lion!
i love the classes and most of the people but didn't have the best experience with the basketball program. My team mates were great and are my best friends but the program itself wasn't very good
I had a great experience at Liberty High School. The teachers and counselors are excellent and they offer many dual enrollment classes which allows you to obtain college credit while in high school. The school encourages involvement in sports and clubs. They offer a wide variety of both. There is not a lot of diversity at Liberty and the school is becoming too overcrowded with all of the growth in the area. There is not enough parking available for students and only seniors will able to have parking permits next school year. The classes are also becoming overly crowded with 40 students in an English class. It is becoming more difficult to get into classes that may be of interest due to the overcrowding as well.
I loved how my teachers were truly passionate about the subjects they were teaching and were willing to work with me around my athletic schedule.
Great teachers and resources I think that some of the classrooms and technology can be updated but overall a great place to go to school. Liberty also has a great atmosphere to it with fun activities.
Liberty High School is overall a fine school. Most of the teachers are very helpful and are willing to help when you ask.
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Felt like the school spent to much money on sports. The classes and teachers were good. Felt like they need to reevaluate the funding.
Liberty High School was an overall good school. Most teachers are very helpful and willing to sacrifice some of their time to help you succeed. The facilities Liberty offers are pretty decent. They offer many different classes to appeal to many different types of students. I feel that our sports all have a good coaches running the teams. The coaches know what to do to help players succeed in the sport and in the classroom. The administration cares about their students and strongly enforces safety procedures. Throughout the four years at Liberty High School i have genuinely enjoyed being at the school.
Liberty is a school with great teachers who are willing to help and connect with their students. Liberty offers a variety of different programs allowing for many, many ways to get involved. Liberty also gives students the opportunity to create new clubs, as long as a teacher is willing to collaborate and sponsor the student club!
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